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Get the best Ideas and technologies on Taxi app development to make a difference among your competitors.

The transportation industry has witnessed several significant changes with the advent of technological innovations. Especially, taxi services have got completely transformed where taxi apps have offered immense convenience and flexibility to worldwide commuters. If we believe on some facts and figures presented by Statista, more than 47 million trips are completed everyday using taxi apps. The global taxi market was valued at USD 205 billion in 2021 and is soon expected to reach USD 534 billion till the end of 2026.

Best Taxi App Development Copany

Apart from these facts, taxi apps have been offering utter comfort and flexibility in choosing a desired vehicle type, pick-up & drop location, and making an online payment instantly are few reasons why online cab booking software are in great demand these days. Apps like Uber, Bolt, DIDI, Lyft and OLA have already created a buzz in the taxi app market and are leveraging exceptional benefits by offering customized taxi services. This blog will offer you valuable insights on taxi app development trends 2022 along with some exciting set of features and functionalities that can uplift your taxi app’s performance and level of engagement significantly.

Types of Taxi Booking Apps

Types of Taxi Booking Apps

Generally, there are two major types of taxi apps that you can consider to develop. Have a look on both types to make a wise decision depending on your budget, research, and the type of audience that you are going to target.

1. Dedicated Taxi Booking App

Launching a dedicated taxi app will be best suitable for those who already have a taxi business and a fleet of vehicles and want to expand their reach targeting maximum people. In a dedicated taxi app, a user can easily enter a location, select an apt vehicle type, pay for the hourly rates, and pay for the service as per the prevalent hourly rates. Such apps require a server that can effectively handle multiple requests at the same time and offer a cab to the customer in the quickest possible time.

2. Taxi Aggregator Mobile App

Uber is an apt example of such taxi app development trend 2022. Those who are new entrants in the taxi industry and don’t have a fleet of their own cars can prefer developing such type of taxi app to get maximum attention. Such apps require three panel development; customers, drivers, and admin. You can invite individual taxi drivers to join you and develop a strong network across regions to deliver swift on-demand taxi services to them. Of course, it requires big investment as compared to the dedicated taxi app type but there are seamless opportunities to grow and develop along with your fleet of drivers and ever-increasing customer base.

Technical Stack Required to Develop an Urban Taxi App

Technical Stack Required to Develop an Urbane Taxi App

Before approaching any taxi app development company, you must get acquainted with some latest and advanced technical stacks that are required to develop a smooth, scalable, and fluid taxi app.

To make sure that your taxi app performs brilliantly on all types of devices and screen sizes, you must include a robust tech stack for both front-end and back-end development. Let’s have a look on these tech stacks that have been widely used in developing some top-notch taxi apps like Uber, Lyft and OLA.

  • Programming Language: Swift for iOS and JavaScript for Android
  • Back-end Development:JS
  • Cloud Service: Amazon EC2
  • Data Storage: Amazon S3
  • Payment Integration: Stripe and Braintree
  • Communication API: Twilio
  • E-mail Service: Elastic Email
  • Bidirectional communication:io
  • Mapping Service: Google Maps
  • GPS Location: Google Places
  • Database: Firebase and MongoDB
  • Social Media Integration: Facebook SDK

Key Features to Consider

Features are a quite crucial aspect behind every app’s success. These features also decide the level of engagement that your app will offer to your users. Moreover, you must prioritize this aspect in order to gain an extra edge over the stiffly competitive online taxi industry. Let’s have a look on some exhilarating features that you can ask your taxi app development company in USA to incorporate in your app. As mentioned above, an aggregator type of taxi app development will include three panel development and each panel has its own set of features that we have discussed below:

User Panel Features

  • Social Media Login
  • Profile Creation
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Selecting Pick-up & drop Location
  • Selectin vehicles
  • Payment Integration
  • Personal Data Management
  • In-app chat
  • Cost estimation
  • Push Notifications

However, you are always free to add some extra features that can add to personalization and users’ comfort. Ask your taxi app development company in USA to incorporate features like booking a ride in advance, booking a ride for other, and splitting fare with companions are some most rejoiced features that people will surely appreciate.

Driver Panel Features

  • Registration & Login
  • GPS-assisted route navigation
  • Accept/reject bookings
  • Profile editing
  • In-app chat & calling
  • Payment History

Choose admin panel features astutely as these features will offer you complete control on your taxi app and you can manage things easily via it.

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Advanced Features to Get Instant Hype

People love apps which are technically sound and offer some advanced set of features that are not seen anywhere else in that particular segment. These features will offer users seamless experience of cab booking in the most modern style.

Multiple Payment Options: Allow your users to choose among different payment options using their credit card, debit card, e-wallet, and even through cash.

Service History: Uber uses this feature to allow its users to view all the rides taken by them through your app along with their fares. People are becoming more calculative these days and this feature will certainly add to their user experience.

Panic Button: To ensure safest rides through your taxi app, allow users with a panic button feature to use in case of any emergency, accident, or extremities.

Favorite Destinations: Ask your taxi app development company to allow users to choose and add their favorite or most visited destinations in the app. This reduces the effort to adopt complete process every time they book a cab for a same destination.

Wrapping Up

You have to be very cautious while picking up the features for your taxi app. Go for a feature-rich taxi app but remember, incorporating too many features can also work against you. It will increase your app development budget and moreover, will decrease the level of interest in your users regarding your app. Hence, keep them limited and user-centric. We recommend thorough research on some renowned taxi apps and evaluating what difference your taxi app can bring in hailing cabs through an app.

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