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Mobile app developers are leaving no stone unturned to explore as many benefits out of some latest and advanced technologies. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AR/VR, Blockchain, and Biometric have immense potential to meet rising demand of worldwide consumers. There are several in-depth researches that prove the essence of change that is required to survive in this stiffly competitive world.

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Today, mobile apps are no longer restricted to only entertainment and paying some online bills. The category has got widely diversified and to meet the requirements of each section, mobile ap developers really have to come up with some to-notch technologies and ap development trends that can transform the entire app development scenario. Leading industrialists as well as startups have realized the value of digital innovation in their specific domains to attract maximum customers and enhance their reachability. In this blog, we have discussed top 10 mobile app development trends 2022 that will continue to rule in coming time to offer exceptional capabilities to developers to best reflect their creativity and expertise.

List of op 10 Mobile App Development Trends 2022-

5G Network

5G Network

The 5G revolution will certainly add to the swiftness and reliability of the entire app development lifecycle. The upcoming network is expected to be 10 to 15 times faster than the 4G network. This will certainly help developers to encounter network and security-related issues in app development. The loading speed and performance of an app will also be much enhanced due to the launch of this faster network technology, especially, in creating more advanced AR/VR apps. Adoption of faster network will also facilitate developers to improve conversion rates of their apps as they have few seconds to get noticed by the user and convince them to install your application.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

This technology has certainly transformed the way mobile apps used to interact with their users. AI-enabled app development allows any mobile app development company to instill human-like intelligence in their app’s logarithms to get desired results. The technology has a great scope in future where worldwide enterprises will be looking forward to automate and customize their operations to get maximum results. Moreover, AI-enabled apps will also facilitate streamlining unorganized pieces of data and get in-depth analysis based on them. The real-time evident data will allow business owners to understand consumer behaviors and launch policies accordingly. Deploying natural language processing for chatbots, face/voice, and image recognition, and many more advanced functionalities will certainly add to the smartness of these apps.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things

The IoT technology is a great concept for interconnecting several devices with the help of internet to share data in real-time and get desired results. Google has recently collaborated with NEST to explore more interesting outcomes. Hardware giants like CISCO and Dell are also investing a significant amount of money every year to leverage maximum benefits of this technology. The global revenue from IoT is expected to be $ 6.2 trillion by the end of 2025. Consumer behavior analytics and increased customization for interactive apps are some major benefits that businesses across the globe will be looking forward to leverage through the use of IoT. There are multiple benefits of IoT app development including real-time monitoring, enhanced productivity, data security, and for other innovative explorations.


Both AR and VR have proven to be a game-changing technology for app developers in the past two years. Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X are sure-shot indication for the rising intervention of this technology in mobile app development world. Apple’s ARkit 2 offers much enhanced sites for developing sophisticated AR applications. Moreover, the virtual reality has also transformed the retail and medical care segment with some ever-desired features and functionalities. Today, AR/VR technologies are well-implemented with umpteen e-commerce stores, real estate, furniture stores, clothing, and apparel brands where users can interact and experience any product or service virtually before making an online order. Experts still see a brighter future of mobile app development with this dual technology integration. One of the best Mobile App Development Trends 2022.


When it comes to developing exceptionally secured applications where data encryption and security are of prime concern, blockchain has no alternative. Blockchain is a complex system of linked blocks where each block gives crucial data about all transactions as well as block’s timestamp. The data is perfectly encoded with end-to-end encryption that is a great advantage for both app developers and business owners. Reliable and transparent transactions along with a decentralized ledger system and some handy tools are some of the greatest advantages that Blockchain technology has to offer any Android app development company. The healthcare sector has certainly benefitted a lot from this technology. Keeping complete track of a patient’s data and sharing it in real-time makes it much beneficial for medical experts to render on-time, convenient, and flexible medical care services through interactive mobile apps.

Biometric verification

This effective and efficient technology has much to offer the app development industry. The advancements in mobile biometric technology have certainly allowed developers to deliver fully secured applications where users can directly access any online service without remembering lengthy and complex alpha-numeric username and passwords. Face recognition, fingerprint scanner, voice recognition, Iris recognition, and hand geometry are some advanced options to verify and authenticate a user through any biometric-enabled mobile app. Apart from foolproof authentication and identification, the technology also offers seamless opportunities for any mobile app development company to offer more enhanced and customized options for users to access any information or service.

Beacon Technology

This is a smart location-based technology that has transformed the way people used to approach any online product or service. The concept is based on low-energy Bluetooth technology where Beacon-based identifiers are transmitted through BLE across several connected devices. Beacon-enabled mobile apps help businesses to control operations, collect useful data and use it for marketing purpose and in delivering exceptional user experience for best results. Beacon-enabled apps also become an effective way to stimulate publicity through better visibility and with increased umber of reviews by users.

Edge Computing

This is a newly launched concept in the app development industry that brings together both computing and data storage to the app’s location rather than depending on a central or cloud-based service. This certainly eliminates data delay issues while app development. Companies can also save a lot of money by processing data locally.


As e-commerce is related to getting more popular, M-commerce reflects being more widespread. Mobile commerce is getting more and more popular because of its multiple benefits for both users and businesses. According to Statista, 72.9% of global e-commerce sales are generated through M-commerce. Progressive web apps (PWAs) have got much hype in the recent years which are advanced web applications that are highly responsive to web pages installed as an application on smartphones.


Wearables are smart electronic devices that are designed for body to detect and send crucial information regarding health aspects. Today, smartwatches and fitness bands offer multiple functionalities such as calculating pulse rate, oxygen level, calorie intake, heartbeats and many more features available for users to easily know their physiological performance. Wearable integration has much to explore to offer additional benefits for users to keep track of their physical and mental health.

End Note

All these top 10 app development trends 2022 will continue to dominate the app development industry with their seamless capabilities. Developers, on the other hand are making their best efforts to combine these technologies to deliver enhanced user experience with unmatched functionalities.

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