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The world is moving towards a ‘smart’ route. The emergence of smart mobile applications is penetrating the fitness industry, and fitness freaks are no exception. These applications are bringing a paradigm shift in advanced user-interaction with wearable technology.

Wearable technology is transforming people’s lives, the fitness industry, and the global economy. The global fitness market is witnessing a remarkable growth in the demand for wearable smart devices and gadgets.

Wearable apps help in connecting a device via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network connections. Advanced technology gives you complete access to the notifications of the phone, even when if you are away from your phone.

During these advanced times, if you are a wearable app development company, like Runkeeper, then fitness freaks are waiting for you.

Runkeeper app comes with advanced and unique specifications that help in tracking your steps, measuring workout distance, and other fitness-related activities.

The app also encourages its users to stay motivated with easy reminders. Moreover, it has become a fitness companion of many ardent fitness lovers out there.

With the built-in GPS feature, tracking your workout and proper steps has become more comfortable with the Runkeeper app. The app is all the rage among workout addicts as it helps in monitoring heart rate as well.

The prevalence of fitness tracking apps stepped into the fitness industry in the early 2000s. Since then, the number of fitness app downloads and usage has witnessed no decline in their installation growth. And now, you can create your own wearable app.

Future of wearable technology

Going by the latest market research report, the global fitness app market will surpass USD 1.68 billion in 2020-2024. The top researchers present this report based on the current market scenario.

The emerging advancement of top wearable app development companies stood at number 13 in the year 2019. The statistics by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) display these stats. The fitness graph also revealed the dedication among people where a notable percentage of 96 users, only one fitness app. And that’s a no-brainer.

What is the role of the top wearable app Development Company?

The digital world in today’s arena is reaching new heights in terms of advanced technology. Thus, to compete with the advancements, Runkeeper is a top wearable app development company that has come with exclusive fitness specifications. The features of the app show why this app is different from other fitness-related apps.

What is the Runkeeper app?

In today’s world improving health and staying fit has more or less become impossible without the help of fitness apps like the Runkeeper app. The app is readily available on Google play store and Apple store. It also contains more unique features and specifications than any other android fitness app. The extreme conditions like this global pandemic of Coronavirus, where people are bound to stay at home, technology helps you to keep your fitness mode.

What are the specifications of the Runkeeper app?


Music- Sync your steps.

Walking or running becomes monotonous without adding rhythm or beat to the steps. Runkeeper app comes with a built-in audio feature that helps you to go with the flow. High-beat music helps you to stay active and motivated.


Mapping – Enroute’ fitness

This app helps users in exploring new paths and routes that are fit for running and walking. Now, you can stay healthy by walking or running on the tracks where the mapping or routes feature of the app takes you.


Share your success with friends.

Time to time, the app alerts and notifies the user about your achievements and lets you share your progress with your friends on social media. By sharing your fitness success, you can persuade your friends as well. Fix your spot in the monthly leader boards of Runkeeper’ Live tracking’ feature.


Fitness Challenges – to keep you motivated 

Runkeeper app leaves no stone unturned in motivating its users by giving them challenges and by comparing others’ steps. It helps the users to accept the routine fitness challenges and to share their success with their closed ones.  

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Workout Comparison- to track your progress.

Comparison is something that helps anyone to keep going. The app shows you your progression or regression as compared to other days. Apart from this, it also compares your running or walking steps with other people.


Prescribed Workouts – Your complete fitness guide

The app’s primary goal is to help you stay fit. Based on your body type, weight, and routine activities, the app prescribes the kind of fitness regimen you should follow. A user feels inspired when he works on a target. The user will then try to work on the prescribed goals.

Did you know you can create your wearable app?

Following the ongoing demand for wearable technological gadgets, businesses, or entrepreneurs must plan to create their own wearable app. These devices are gaining more impetus than ever after the launch of various fitness apps in the digital world. Developing your wearable app is an exhilarating endeavor for any entrepreneur. However, for ‘mad for fitness’ people, tracking features are a must. Making the best use of available resources and keeping the following things in mind will help create your wearable app:

iconInnovation is the key

iconKnowledge of latest tools and technologies

iconHaving brilliant command over domains

iconA team of technical experts

Smart Steps Ahead

Now that you understand the increasing number of fitness conscious people, you must be thinking about how to become a wearable app development company? The task is not an easy one, and entrepreneurs need to have complete knowledge of advancements in technology. After doing thorough market research, you will be able to create your wearable app.


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