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Android is undoubtedly a massive market that is emerging as the most demandable and super fast-growing field. Nowadays, we all know that smartphones have become the necessity of people to survive in this competitive world. Mobile app development companies have taken true advantage of this! From the business point of view, it has become a major fact that developing Android apps for your enterprise will leverage your business sector. It exists because every company wants to maintain their active presence in a highly competitive market. Considering this, I have decided to search for some rules, which make an Android app successful! Read on to know must-follow rules for successful android app development.

What Makes Android OS Popular?

In a very short time, Google’s mobile operating system (OS) Android has become the number one choice for Smartphone. Currently, millions of mobile apps are featured on the Google Play Store, which adds more flexibility to the people’s lives. It has been clearly identified that Android has more than 82% of the market share in the Smartphone market. The huge market creates many opportunities for businesses across the globe.

Here are the top benefits of Android OS-

Rules You Must Follow for Successful Android App DevelopmentAndroid is Free

Rules You Must Follow for Successful Android App DevelopmentOpen Source

Rules You Must Follow for Successful Android App DevelopmentCustomizable UI

Rules You Must Follow for Successful Android App DevelopmentAffordable Development

Rules You Must Follow for Successful Android App DevelopmentLarge Number of Applications

Rules You Must Follow for Successful Android App Development

Android opened numerous possibilities for both device manufacturers and application developers while helping to reduce the cost of smartphones, thus making them accessible to the common person. Therefore, developing top-ranked apps with customer-centric approach has become the main objective for every mobile app development company. In such case, android app developers have become more conscious when they are working on a big project.

Recently, leading analytic firm Statista has revealed the global market share held by the leading smartphone operating systems worldwide, from 2009 to 2018. According to the research, 88 percent of all smartphones sold to end users were phones with the Android operating system in the second quarter of 2018. Have a look-

Rules You Must Follow for Successful Android App Development

Looking at the above graph, it can be truly said that investing in android app development should be a beneficial choice for those who want to expand their global reach in this competitive world.

iOS and Android app developers both have the opportunity to convert unique ideas into working solutions, having the potential for huge success. Without any doubt, Android application development involves a lot more than coming up with a bright idea. If you are going to hire top app developers for your unique idea, then this blog will help you to get a successful app.

Mentioned below are the golden rules that will surely boost the performance of your android app:

Rules You Must Follow for Successful Android App Development

Rules You Must Follow for Successful Android App DevelopmentAnalysis of User Necessity

The user-requirement analysis is significant to the success and failure of Android app. The proper analysis of user requirements will help to understand what functions and features users are expecting in the mobile app. In order to make it easier for an app developer, it is recommended that they should categorize the requirements into three parts: user requirements, usability requirement, and organizational requirements. Based on this, set the priorities and criteria.

Rules You Must Follow for Successful Android App DevelopmentOptimize Performance for Multiple Devices

If you want your app to be successful, make sure your technology team is aware of device compatibility requirements, and optimize the performance of your mobile app for Android. The Smartphone market is flooded with Android devices. In fact, every brand offers multiple types of devices with different screen size and capabilities. Businesses need to pay more attention to this, as it can ultimately affect their business revenue.

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Rules You Must Follow for Successful Android App DevelopmentResponsive User Interface

Next thing that you need to focus on is that your app has responsive UI. Responsive UI is essential to the mobile application. For this, you should focus on three major aspects; i.e. flexible grid-based layout, proper media attachment and enable Javascript. By doing all this, you can get the interactive, easy-to-use, and responsive mobile app.

Rules You Must Follow for Successful Android App DevelopmentConduct Frequent App Testing

Before an app is introduced to a real-world, then it’s critical to test it carefully. An app should undertake multiple testing iterations, counting UI performance testing, app speed testing, and unit testing to ensure a smoother deployment. While testing, here are some factors that you need to consider:

  • Give importance to single column layout than multiple
  • Keep content at the center and place the navigation controls at bottom
  • The targeted touch for mobile devices is 7x7m which is approximately 40 pixels
  • Replicate real-world movements and balanced gestures

Rules You Must Follow for Successful Android App DevelopmentBalance between Creativity and Functionality

For any android app project, the entire feature and functionality of the application must imitate with the practical judgment from the app developers, based on what a customer wants and what is the business requirement. They must achieve a balance between functionality and creativity. If you have an idea for a unique feature and it is meaningful for the app, only then go ahead for this.

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Rules You Must Follow for Successful Android App DevelopmentFree Availability

Why not create an app that is free to download? It has been widely noticed that free apps ensure more downloads, as users are more attracted to them. It’s true that every app owner wants to earn money with an app, but after gaining so much popularity to your app, you can release the paid version of the app. Moreover, one thing that app developers should keep in mind that the proper implementation of the useful features can make free apps more authentic.

Summing it Up

Well, having the best performing mobile application is only possible when your app does not have any errors or lags. To convert your long time idea into reality, following some important rules is necessary. Hope this guides will make you familiar with the crucial aspects of Android application development solutions. Planning to hire app developers? Connect with app experts at Fluper, who is capable of accomplishing any app development project whether iOS and Android with amazing features and innovative technologies.

Rules You Must Follow for Successful Android App Development


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