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Smartphones and the internet have revolutionized every aspect of society. The way we are working now, our standard of living, and our expectations have all changed due to the progression of technology. Everything we desire at our finger tap. That’s the main ground for the popularity of on-demand mobile applications. Just like on-demand food, grocery, car, and cleaning service, the on-demand Beauty App is capturing the crowd of the app market.

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Due to busy work schedules, it is extremely difficult to get an appointment at a nearby spa or salon at a preferable time from a specific expert. In the same way, managing time to visit those centres and having their service at the given time is also not easy.

On the other hand, the offers, and discounts provided by the salon might not reach the potential customers on time due to the lack of proper communication channels. These types of pain point prompt tech experts to focus on On-Demand Beauty Services App Development. As it solves lots of big problems for common people, the trend of the Beauty Salon App is rapidly growing all over the world. Hence, if you own a salon/spa centre and struggling to expand your services or you want to create your startups, on-demand Beauty Salon App works wander for you.

Market share of on-demand Beauty App:

The On-Demand Beauty Services App Development greatly transformed the beauty service businesses and the pandemic crisis triggered it more. As a result, the global beauty industry is growing by 5% through the on-demand Beauty App.

The global market of spas and beauty salons was evaluated at USD 144.48 billion in 2019. It is projected that within 2026 it’ll grow to USD 217.25 billion if the market is increasing at a CAGR of 6% from 2019 to 2026. This figure of growth ensures that investment in the on-demand Beauty App will raise your company sky-high.

Key Benefits of a Beauty Salon App:

Key Benefits of a Beauty Salon App

On-Demand Beauty Services App Development as a substitute for a beauty salon/spa and marketing it with many features boosts its sales. Hence, any leading Beauty salon app development company is focusing on developing inventive and user-friendly types of Beauty Salon App. Let’s see what benefits you can get from the On-Demand Beauty Services App Development for your salon/Spa centre.

  1. Brand visibility: Customers can find your brand by online checking and booking your service from the search by checking reviews of good service. The logo, brand name, and image of your Beauty Salon App make your brand visible to your all customers as people spend most of their time on their mobile phones.
  2. Expand business– You can spread your salon services in a wide range of areas through your on-demand Beauty App. Your business will no more be limited to the in-house service.
  3. Customers can easily book your service and schedule the appointment at their preferable time by doing an easy sign-up to your Beauty Salon App.
  4. On-Demand Beauty Services App Development gives your salon a competitive edge in the market.
  5. If you develop your Beauty Salon App from a top-rated mobile App Development Company that can integrate high-end features into your app, it’ll increase your sales as the customers can realize the USP of your services.
  6. The on-demand Beauty App helps you to perform major salon duties like managing your employees and online appointments, accommodating many clients, making reservations, and keeping track of inventories effortlessly without leaving room for human mistakes.
  7. The exciting and glorious UI/UX design of your Beauty Salon App engages your customers with the in-app activities.

How on-demand Beauty App works?

How on-demand Beauty App works

The On-Demand Beauty Services App Development has greatly increased the opportunities for independent hairdressers, stylists, and makeup artists. There are high expectations from the on-demand industry as it has emerged as a source of employment in the private service sectors.

After log-in into the on-demand Beauty App, a user can book a service from a beautician who is listed in the app. By typing the name of the desired stylist or beautician into the search field, users can also find them. The users can choose beauticians based on their convenient time. They can choose the service from the package provided by the app or can select their required service individually. After completing the process, they need to confirm the booking by choosing the payment option in the app. The main goal of

On-Demand Beauty Services App Development is providing beauty services to customers at their homes with lots of flexibility.

Key features of the on-demand Beauty App:

Key features of the on-demand Beauty App

The Cost to develop on-demand Beauty App highly depends upon the features of the application. A Beauty Salon App consists of three to four interfaces and the features of each interface are crafted on the requirement of the particular users and these are as follows.

Customer Interface:

  • Easy Registration: Customers can register themselves to the app by providing their mobile number Email Id or social media log-in details and access the app features by signing in to the app.
  • Select salon: The customers can check the services of salons from the salon list of their on-demand Beauty App and can select a nearby salon based on their preference.
  • Select stylists: They can check the profile of stylists with the available timing and select the one based on the available reviews and convenient timing.
  • Schedule Appointment: They can book an appointment from the “Book Now” option and schedule a convenient time.
  • In-app Payment: They confirm the booking by selecting easy online payment options through mWallet, net banking, and credit/debit cards.
  • In-app Chat: They can chat with their selected stylists regarding services, timing, location or anything in their on-demand Beauty App.
  • Ratings & Review: They can rate the salons or the stylists and share their feedback regarding the services they have taken. It helps future clients choose the salon/ stylist based on the rating.
  • View History: They can check the history of previous appointments, bookings, schedules and salon/ stylist.
  • Subscription: They can take a subscription to the Beauty Salon App to access some special-rated packages and other facilities.

Salon/Beauty Expert’s Interface:

  • Registration: By providing the required verification details the salons or the stylists can register themselves to the Beauty Salon App.
  • Log-in: After getting approval from the admin, they can log in to the on-demand Beauty App and list their services.
  • Notification of Request: The beauty expert or the salon owner can get notified when the users book their services. The owner can assign a beauty expert for the service.
  • Accept/reject Request: The salons and the beauty experts has the option of accepting or rejecting any service request if it doesn’t match their available time or service.
  • Manage Services: Salon owners or stylists can add, edit or delete their services based on their availabilities.
  • Schedule timing: In their on-demand Beauty App, they can schedule appointment timing and availability and list it in the app.
  • Manage Costs: Salon owners/stylists have the full liberty to manage the costs of the services they provide anytime.
  • Manage Pricing: They have the liberty of updating service charges in their Beauty Salon App anytime.
  • Track payment: They can track their payment as per the services provided to the customers.
  • Push notification: They can send notifications to the customers about the discounts and offer related to the services.
  • Track Location- The beauty expert can reach the location of the customer by using the GPS tracker of the app.

These features are very important for any on-demand Beauty App. So, you need to make sure that you have hired a renowned On-Demand Beauty Services App Development Company for your business.

Admin Panel features:

If you hire a top-notch On-Demand Beauty Services App Development Company for developing the admin side interface of your on-demand Beauty App, it’ll build your admin panel with innovatory features to track every activity of the users and take action on that.

  • Dashboard: From the dashboard of the Beauty Salon App, the admin can check the total number of salons/stylists registered in the app, their services and the number of active and inactive users.
  • Manage stylists/salons: Admin has an option to add a salon/ stylist to the list and can remove them from the list if required.
  • Manage Users: Admin can check contact details and broadcasted messages of users and use the option of adding or removing users from the Beauty Salon App.
  • Manage Payments: Admin has access to tracking all the payment-related information within the app.
  • App Marketing: Admin can manage all the promotional activities, deals, offers, coupons, advertisements etc.
  • Insights: The on-demand Beauty App should have an algorithm to generate statistical reports on the user activities, app performance, earnings, etc that gives a clear insight into the business.

Additional Features:

To stand in the crowd you need to incorporate some additional feature that differentiates your Beauty Salon App from the competitors. Hiring a leading On-Demand Beauty Services App Development company can give you that privilege. Indeed, it will increase the cost to develop on-demand Beauty App. But it’s worth it.

The features may be as follows.

  • Multilingual: It helps the users to access the app crossing the language barrier.
  • eCommerce: In-app selling of beauty products can generate more revenue.
  • Mark visibility of salons (Away/Available): It helps the user to select a salon.
  • Vlogs: Posting beauty-related videos and service videos engage more customers in the app

Tech stack of the on-demand Beauty App:

The Cost to develop on-demand Beauty App is also included the tech stack used in the mobility solution.


Tech stack

Database MySQL, Postgress, MongoDB, Mail Chimp Integration, Hbase, Cassandra,
SMS, Voice and Phone Verification Nexmo, Sinch,Twilio
Payment Gateway Paypal, Stripe
Cloud AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP
Real-time Analytics BigData, Hadoop, Spark,

Estimated Cost to develop on-demand Beauty App:

The final cost to develop an app is determined by the app’s size, features, component prices, UI/ UX design and more. The rate of developer and their country also alter the cost of developing a Beauty Salon App. If you hire a leading On-Demand Beauty Services App Development company, it’ll charge $10,000 and $25,000 for your basic on-demand Beauty App. For the high-complexity app, it will be more than $30,000 to $40,000.

Wrap up:

The above discussion of the on-demand Beauty App and how it works, it’s key and advanced features, tech stack, and estimated cost to develop will help you to plan a Beauty Salon App for your business. Once you develop a solid plan, hire an On-Demand Beauty Services App Development Company that can develop a profit-driven, better-performing app for your business.


1. How long will it take to develop an on-demand Beauty App?

The quantity and accessibility of developers will determine this. Usually, it takes at around 3-4 months for medium complexities Beauty Salon App.

2. How Can Beauty Salon App Raises Money?

A Beauty Salon app has different kinds of monetization policies.

  • It can take charges from salon owners for feature listing.
  • The platform owners can earn commissions for every booking from the users and salon owners.
  • It can also provide membership plans for users and earn from that.
  • It can allow advertising of different kinds of related apps and earn a commission when users open those apps.
  • In-app selling of beauty products or integrating E-commerce boosts the monetization of the app.

3. What are the types of Salon Apps? 

There are different kinds of Beauty Salon App with variety of services. Any renowned Mobile App Development Company will allow you to personalize it based on your services and the types are below.

  • Rental Hair Salon Booth App
  • Salon/Spa App
  • Commission-based Salon App
  • Specialty Salon App
  • Boutique Salon App
  • Mobile salon App
  • In-home Salon App

4. Is it possible to design a salon app specifically for my company’s needs?

You can get help with any issue from our Beauty salon app developers. We provide unique, individualized business solutions that are tailored to your needs and are available when you need them.

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