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Chrome OS has built-in search abilities that are useful in displaying web outcomes to the identical applications. These apps are designed by iOS or Android app development companies to enhance their productivity. Therefore, if you own an Android app or planning to build one, then this update would prove useful for you. Yes, as per this update, now you can search inside the Android Apps via Firebase App Indexing, which is a Chrome OS launcher.

Therefore, today I have come with entire information that can be helpful for you. Let us begin the Firebase App Indexing introduction and then we will figure out that how it will work for mobile app development or more specifically, Android app development companies.

What is Firebase App Indexing?

The role of Firebase App Indexing is to bring your app in Google search. In case, your application has been installed in users’ phone, then it is possible for them straightforwardly move to the content they want by simply launching your app. Users can get public, as well as personal content directly on their systems or gadgets; hence App Indexing has the ability to re-engage them. What makes the searching process simpler for them is the option of query auto-completion.

Note: In case, users do not have your mobile app, then these appropriate queries fit an install card in the search results for your application.

Till now, Firebase App Indexing is only compatible with Android and iOS OS. Therefore, increased Google Chrome’s OS ability will certainly make the library crucial for the mobile app developers wishing to get Google Search for promoting their app. This searching support for Android application is live in a few pre-release editions of Google Chrome OS.

What are its Key Abilities?


Search Results

As mentioned before, with App Indexing, your app content can be surfaced on Google search. If you have an Android app, this consists of an install option for your mobile application, along with the personal content.

Ad Targeting

In case, you are utilizing AdMob, in order to monetize the application, AdMob and App Indexing are going to work collaboratively. This will enhance the targeted ads’ quality. As a result, you will be able to boost your advertising revenue.


You can see the install button adjacent to the search result of your homepage. It will offer a simple path to users, in order to install your application to view content.


It powers the screen search for public content on both Google Assistant and Android.


You can even allow your users to view the app content in a direct manner from the recommended outcomes in the Google application through App Indexing.

How Does It Work?

It is important for mobile app developers to know that in order to index your mobile application’s content through Google, utilize similar URLs. It means you need to use the URLs that are used on your website. After this, you need to confirm that app, as well as website is owned by you.  All the links are crawled by Google Search and it shows them on results. After this, those who have your app go straightforwardly in your app content once they hit on this link.

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By App Indexing API on Android, it is feasible to boost your ranking for the links. Moreover, auto-complete recommendations on the basis of users’ actions are also offered through this.

If you wish to utilize the App Indexing API, in order to build an index, you can go for it.  For instance, in the case of recipe applications, where people tend to add notes, they are their personal content. All these recipe points display in the Google application at the time users look for them.

What Features will Prove Fruitful for Your Mobile App?

Firebase App Indexing provides improvements to the public content indexing, logging for the actions of users, including personal and public content, and an on-device personal content index. Which feature is going impact your business is totally dependent on your app’s use-cases. In order to help you in a better way, I am mentioning this table as a guide you. Go through it and decide what features you want to add. Mobile app development companies can take a huge help from this table.

Type of App Content

Type of App Content Personal Content Indexing(Android only)


Log User Actions (Android only)


Public Content Indexing

(Android and iOS)

Only Personal Content
Only Public Content
Public and Personal Both

Only Personal Content

These applications contain the content, which is almost completely associated with a particular user. For instance, an app designed for messages (Gmail) or an app for productivity (Keep).

Only Public Content

As the name suggests, there is no personal content added in these mobile apps. The best example of such an application is videos on YouTube.

Public and Personal Both

These applications app-generated public content, as well as user-generated personal content.

All Things to Be Considered…

In the above blog, I have discussed the latest update using which you can search inside the Android Apps via Firebase App Indexing.  It will, inevitably going to help the Android app developers. Moreover, if you are looking for any app development services, then you can get in touch with the team of Fluper. With a team of expert, the organization can bring out the most effective Android and iOS apps


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