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Are you planning to establish a mobile presence of your business?  Apps and mobile websites look similar at first glance but you need to take the decision wisely. Take sufficient time and then decide which is more suited to your needs in terms of audience, budget etc. But before you do anything, it is significant to comprehend what are the main differences between the two. Whether you want to build a website or mobile app, or perhaps both, first of all, you need to hire a renowned mobile app Development Company. If your aim is to establish a broad mobile presence that can be easily maintained & shared between users then a mobile friendly responsive website is the logical choice.  In contrast, if your goal is to provide outstanding user experience or if you need access to a user’s phone storage then an app is probably going to be required.

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Let’s have a look why mobile apps are winning hearts of millions –

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Website: Which one is better?New Branding Experience   

The mobile app is quite distinct from the company’s website as they offer new branding experience to users. If the user wants to customize the appearance of their business then no doubt in saying mobile apps can prove superlative for them.

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Website: Which one is better?Ease of sending notifications

Emails are the most widely used business communication tool as companies use them to reach out to users. In recent times, email has lost its effectiveness but you need not to worry at all as other options are also available and i.e., mobile app notifications. Generally, push and in-app notifications are exciting alternatives for communicating with app users. Businesses should prefer mobile apps so that they can easily send instant and non-intrusive notifications to users.
Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Website: Which one is better?

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Website: Which one is better?Making use of mobile devices features

The best thing about mobile apps is that they have the advantage of utilizing the features of a mobile device such as contact list, GPS, phone calls etc. Numerous exciting features are used by app developers to make the user experience interactive. In different circumstances, if websites use those features of mobile device, it may cause technological constraints.

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Website: Which one is better?Mobile apps offer better personalization       

Personalization is all about offering appropriate information to users based on their interests, behaviors, usage and other things.  In fact, users can set up their preferences at the start and get customized according to their interests. Apps are the convenient way to track user engagement and also help to identify the location of users in real-time.

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Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Website: Which one is better?Ability to work offline

This is the most fundamental difference between a mobile website and application. Mobile apps require internet connectivity to perform various tasks but without internet, they can still offer basic content and functionality. On the contrary, internet connection is a must for mobile websites.
Time Spent on iOS and Android Connected Devices

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Website: Which one is better?Freedom in designing

Various technological advancements have entered into web designing hence mobile websites have to rely on browsers to perform elementary functions. Diversely, mobile websites have to depend on browsers features such as refresh button, back button and address bar. Contrarily, mobile apps don’t have such restrictions. Mobile app developers design mobile apps with different elaborate functions that are generally based on advanced gestures such as swipe, drag, pinch, hold, tap etc. To offer innovative functionality, the app uses smart gestures that help users to perform the task in a better way.

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Website: Which one is better?Users spend more time on apps

In a study, it is revealed that users spend 86% of their time in mobile apps and 14% on websites. Moreover, the average time users spend on mobile applications is gradually increasing and that’s why Android app development services are high in trend.

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Website: Which one is better?Brand Presence

Generally, it is seen users spend a substantial amount of time on mobile devices. Well, users install applications on daily basis and if they didn’t find them appropriate, they don’t take seconds to uninstall it. Even when users are not actively using the app they still aware of the brand associated with the app. App icons act like a mini-advertisement for the brand.

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Website: Which one is better?Apps work faster than websites

Apps work faster than websites
A well-designed mobile application is always better than mobile websites. Usually, app store data on mobile devices, in contrast, websites use web servers. Apps also save users’ time by storing their preferences and use them to take proactive actions. Javascript code is used by mobile websites to perform several functions.

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Website: Which one is better?A new stream of conversions

If you are looking to increase conversion, mobile apps can really do wonders in this direction as they push users down the conversion funnel. To acquire top-of-the-funnel and bottom-of-the-funnel users, mobile apps can prove a great medium. Utility apps can bring-in ToFu users and e-commerce apps have a higher possibility of converting.


Developing both mobile app and website can prove costly affair for your business but you should according to business goals & budget. If you are thinking about creating an outstanding business application then get in touch with Fluper i.e., a top-rated iOS app development company expert in developing mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and iPad devices.
Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Website: Which one is better?

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