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In the present digital time when technology is continuously enveloping at a fast pace, the mobile app development industry has boosted the ways through which businesses can connect with their target audience. When it comes to business marketing it is not possible to overlook social media applications. Social media applications are continuously growing in the marketplace and with time these platforms are becoming one of the best ways to promote the business.

Several different applications in the marketplace offer a set of features to its users. When it comes to social apps various categories come under this section. Due to these apps, people now spend more and more time online.

When it comes to social media video making app Mitron is the name that attracts every user towards it. The main reason behind the popularity of such applications is the freedom and fun they offer to its users. Not to mention, it is possible to share your opinion, ideas, and achievements with the entire world through these platforms.

The Mitron app is developed by an IIT Roorkee student Shivank Agarwal. He witnessed the popularity and fame that the Tiktok app was getting and decided to create an Indian version of the application. In short, Mitron is an Indian version of TikTok. The past few days were very bad for the Chinese app TikTop app the video creation and sharing app as the rating of the app dropped to 1.3 stars.

The app in a very short time gained huge recognition and ever since its release in the market a month ago the app gained millions of downloads on the Google Play Store. Well, what mainly works in support of the India-made app is the current Covid-19 situation in which people are against Chinese products and applications.

Today, we’re going to talk about the Mitron app the Indian version of Chinese app TikTok.When we talk about the Mitron app it is easy to create content and share it with your friends and family. With the app, you can create a short video and post it right away. The short video creator app is easy to use and the uploading process is quite simple and time-saving. The watching and downloading process does not take much time or effort.

In addition to this, the app is addictive as people get used to this application in a very short time. You can keep yourself engaged with the app for several hours. If you too want to create a short video app then connect with our Mobile App Development Company. The experts are ready to help you with this part.

Know more about the short-video app- Mitron

Mitron is a short video app that helps the user to create short videos and upload them on the platform to get likes and comments from the people. The app is an Indian app created by an IIT student. The app is easy to use with a very clean user interface very similar to its competitor TikTok. The app works exactly as its competitor, it lets users create short-form videos of 15 seconds and showcase their aptitude. The Mitron app gained huge recognition in the marketplace and on Google play store in few days of its launch. However, as TikTok is extensively well-liked it will be attention-grabbing to see whether Mitron maintains the same fame in the longer run.

Features of Mitron app

  1. Live Streaming
  2. Social Sharing
  3. Video Editing
  4. Short Video Making & Uploading
  5. Soundtracks
  6. Video Mixing
  7. Video Framing

Complete details of the Short Video App Made by India- Mitron app

  1. App Name – Mitron
  2. Developer Name – Shivank Agarwal (IIT Roorkee student)
  3. Owner -Mitron TV
  4. Country Name – India
  5. Size – 7.7 MB
  6. Platform – Android, iOS & PC Apk
  7. Current Rating -4.7 Stars (Rated for 12+)
  8. Type of App – Social
  9. Article Category – Short Video Platform

Downloading the app

  1. At present, the app is only available for download on the Google Play Store.
  2. You simply need to write the name of the app in the search bar on your Play Store app.
  3. After this, you will see the Mitron app on the list.
  4. The app is offered by Mitron TV and only downloads the app below which Mitron TV is highlighted. The size of the app is 8MB in size firmware version 5.0 or higher.
  5. Once downloaded you can easily use them without the need to create an account to watch the videos but if you want to upload your videos on the platform then you need an account.

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How to use the Mitron app?

Well, the app is similar to the TikTok app; you can simply scroll to check the videos. For creating your videos you need to create an account. After signing in to your account, simply press on the video option on the bottom and record the video of your choice and upload it. You can also save your videos in drafts to edit them later. The app strongly supports the present condition of the country. A few days back the app was also suspended from the play store but now the app has fixed all the errors and bugs and is again visible on the play store. The app is not created by any App Development Company but by an IIT student. The present recognition of the Mitron app is amazing but still, it is tough to estimate whether the app reaches the levels achieved by other social media networks. For now, the app developers need to add some new features in the app to maintain its popularity and engage its users with some new features and data.


Overall, we can say that the Mitron app is an entertaining, and addictive app but to maintain its position in the marketplace the company needs to work on its features. The app at present has more than 5 million downloads on the Google Store but still, due to some issues in the app, it is not a good option to use the app. As we know that security is the main concern in the present time and it is good to trust only the secure apps. Moreover, if you are planning to hire an app developer for your next social media app development project then connect with us. We at Fluper help you. Simply contact our team of experts and discuss your app idea with them to create an appealing social media app.


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