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For Android app developers, it’s a walk-in park kind of stuff when it comes to the development of Android applications. There are more than a million apps on the Android play store to download and every application has its significance. Native App Developer in USA

With the market expanding with the introduction of gadgets, there is one gadget that is making plenty of noise. I am talking about the wearable android watches that fall under the category of android app wearable development.

IOS has dealt with this new breed flawlessly well, but the Android wear is still at an infant stage. However, with timely updates, the wearable app development agency is expected to achieve immaculate heights shortly.

If we talk about prospects, Android who is the proclaimed king in the smartphone industry is not lacking far behind in the wearable apps as well. It has not started at a brisk pace but is expected to crawl up and stamp its authority sooner rather than later.

The basics of creating an Android Wearable Application

For the tech geeks, Android Studio is an application that is their bread and butter. All the Android applications are created via Android Studio and the Android wearable app will follow the footsteps.

So basically, you need to have Android Studio installed on your PC and work on it. While using the Android Studio, ensure to update your SDK tools to version 23.0.0 or higher, and SDK with Android 4.4W.2 or higher.

Once the aforementioned steps are achieved, the next step is to set up either an Android Wear Device or an Android Wear Emulator.

The market of Android Wearable App compared with IOS Wearable

The wearable app development agency or agencies are still in their early stages. There are numerous android watches in the market which support all the advanced versions of the Android smartphones, but to be honest, they lack behind their sheer competitors in IOS generated Apple watches.

Android’s top-end watch is the Samsung Galaxy watch, whereas, Apple Watch 5 is the latest in the market to create buzz. Let us have a brief comparison between the two.

Design and Durability: 

The dial of Apple Watch Series 5 comes in a square shape, whereas, Samsung Galaxy comes with the traditional round shape. Both are eye-catchy in their own rights but it completely depends on the taste of the consumer what he/she opts for.

The common functions and features:
  1. Almost all notifications from your phone are indicated on the watch.
  2. Can easily run third-party apps.
  3. Tracks your steps via GPS.
  4. Raise to wake the watch, a feature that runs smoothly on Apple as compared to the Galaxy watch.
  5. Tracks heart rate and many other activities both manually and physically.
  6. Voice assistants, Summon Siri for Apple, Bixby for Galaxy watch.
  7. Online payments using Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
  8. Making and receiving calls, sending messages without phone via LTE. (Only if you pay extra for the cellular models)
Health and fitness tracking: 

This is one feature that elevates the Apple watch on the scale of the best wearable app development. Both watches have indifferent styles in their health monitoring systems.

Apple has 14 built-in workout types, whereas, Android’s Samsung Galaxy has 39. However, the Apple watch auto-detects almost all workout sessions like running, walking, swimming, and some gym machines, whereas, Samsung watch can only detect cycling.

Well, this feature isn’t enough to bother and drop your interest from opting for the Android watch.

Battery life: 

Now, this is one aspect that everyone looks forward to. The same question arises with smartphones and the answer remains constant, i.e. Android battery is much more reliable than its counterpart. Be it smartphones or smartwatches, Android has proved its worth which makes it stand out from others.


On this front, the Android or the Samsung Galaxy watch falls under the category of budget-friendly. Apple Watch Series 5 with 40 mm size costs around $429 On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is available at a brilliant price of $380. Both are easily available on Amazon.

So which one to choose?

Both watches have almost similar attributes barring a few. For the health-conscious or those who want to keep a check on their daily health routine, the Apple watch series is what tailor-made for them. Apple always gives you a premium feel, whether it’s the iPhone, iPad, Mac Book, or even watches, they never compromise with the premium build quality. Therefore, the Apple watch series is for the ones who are looking for something premium.

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For people who want a sublime gadget with the greatest compatibility which fits with almost every expectation they look forward to in terms of technology, and not to forget suits their budget as well, the Android wearable i.e. Samsung Galaxy watch should be the one they should look forward to. It is surely a worthy Apple Watch alternative.


Talking about developing Android wear, it is relatively easy as the tools needed are similar to what is used for developing android smartphone apps. With Java skills and relatable information regarding Android Studio, one could give it a try building wearable apps just like the way a wearable app development agency does.

I have talked about the significance, features, and functions of Android wearable Samsung Galaxy watch and I hope you are now clear which one suits you better.DisclaimerIOT App Development

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