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Before you write your first line of code, it is imperative to choose the right programming language. With unnumbered programming languages already competing in the market, it becomes resilient to go for the apt one.

Two such languages that have their significance are Python and JavaScript. All programming languages usually work on the same principle, however, the major differences encounter in syntax and use of cases.

For complex programming, Python is equipped with a lot many tools in its arsenal, whereas, JavaScript is the key to success for a mobile app development company or company. Let us discuss the two separately and then compare them. 

What is JavaScript?

After originally emerging as a front-end language, JavaScript is a client-side scripting language that helps in making static websites interactive. Since JavaScript is a scripting language, there is no need for an individual compilation step.

It is one of the go-to scripting languages in browsers as they have built-in engines that can understand and accordingly execute JavaScript commands. This gives the leverage to include JavaScript codes directly into your HTML documents, and there is no need for any additional compilers.

One of the prime examples of JavaScript is the Phonegap app development company. This open-source framework from Adobe helps you build amazing mobile apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Phonegap has removed the complexity of writing an app in multiple languages like Java and Objective C and focused on scripting style from JavaScript.

What is Python?

Python is basically a high-level, object-oriented, functional, imperative, and procedural programming language. It comprises huge built-in modules and packages, which allow programmers to use different programming styles to solve complex problems.

It works on building objects, unlike JavaScript which provides instructions that the browser executes. Creating objects, assigning attributes to them, and set them to perform actions is what they bound a Python developer to do. With its countless features, Python is considered as one of the most used programming languages globally.

Python and JavaScript, who stands where in 2020?

In a developer survey of 2020, Python has seen a significant rise in their rankings, but JavaScript still leads the way for the most popular programming languages followed by the likes of HTML/CSS, SQL, Python, and Java making it to the top 5.

Python vs Java, which language offers what?

Below is a comparison that will give an unobstructed view of which language offers what.

JavaScript uses a prototype-based inheritance model Python uses a class-based inheritance model
Mobile development compatibility
Apart from front-end and back-end, JS is also a good option for mobile app development Python can’t be used for mobile app development.
The average salary of JS developers is $114,856 per annum in the US. The average salary of a python developer in the US is $120,255 per annum.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a lot many differences the two languages possess.

JavaScript vs Python, which language is easy to learn?

For programmers, this question doesn’t reap any challenge whatsoever. However, if you are new to programming languages and do not carry any coding experience, it would be a relatively easy task to go for a language that has a user-friendly interface and the learning span is not too big.

Therefore, when it comes to ease of learning, Python could be a better option as it’s user-friendly and uses simpler variables and functions. So, for those who want to learn Python from scratch, hire a mobile developer to aid you.


One cannot distinguish between these two languages as both carry their significance. Python edges over their counterparts when it comes to ease of learning and extensive use in complex programming like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

On the other hand, if one talks about mobile app development and web app development, JavaScript holds the foundation. All in all, it is completely your call to learn whichever language you want to learn, but opting for one and dropping another won’t harm you. So make a decision on your own and get to know which one suits your style of mind better.Disclaimer






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