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After staging a global walkout and sit-in protest against workplace harassment, a group of angry Google workers is now demands that parent company Alphabet’s CEO Larry Page must immediately meet them and transparently and publicly address their concerns. The group of the protesters post on online publishing platform medium, the group “Google Walkout for the Real change’ said the company has had six months to meet these demands. They also mention that Google seems to have lost its trust between workers and the company and now the company is deeply broken.

Google management is failing, along with HR, that’s why the company progress is moving from crisis to crisis. And now it’s time to put HR on a Performance Improvement Plan and bring in someone we trust to supervise it. Last November, almost 20,000 Google workers across the world walked out following the company’s mishandling of sexual harassment allegations. They gave a statement “The walkout was a turning point: a moment where Google employees called on the company to do right by its people. We issued an articulate clear and actionable set of demands”.

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On that a Google spokesperson referred to an earlier statement, saying:” We prohibit retaliation in the workplace and publicly share our very clear policy”. In addition, they also mention that “To confirm that no complaint raised goes unheard at Google, we give employees multiple channels to report concerns, including investigating all allegations if retaliation”.

Protesters want action from Page, Google’s co-founder, and Alphabet Inc.’s CEO

The protesters posted many posts, according to their post they are saying: “Google must meet the Walkout demands, already”. And the protesters have asked for action before, such as calling for the company to Google’s chief diversity officer report directly to CEO, but so far that has not happened. They mentioned in their posts “We call on Larry to immediately address the Walkout’s demands and recommit Google to meeting them. And Larry has the individual authority to make changes and controls Alphabet’s board, where other does not.

And at next point, they mention “We call on Google to unblock Meredith’s transfer, and permit her to continue her work as before, fully funded and supported, and to permit Claire to transfer to a new team without continued interference and retaliation.” Where Meredith Whittaker was the organizer of last month’s walkout, who faced trouble for their action and Claire Stapleton, is another walkout organizer, who had previously said she was going to be demoted.

Protesters also stated that “We call for an open investigation of HR and its abysmal handling of employee complaints related to working harassment, conditions, retaliation, and decimation. Google’s HR department is broken. Again and again, it prioritized the reputation of abusers and harassers over their victims. But we need third party investigators”. The statement went on to note that other companies, namely Uber, took similar action when its action came under scrutiny.

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