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Tesla is on the verge of facing another setback as the Electric car manufacturer’s major competitors Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz began taking orders this Wednesday and Thursday respectively. It is an important affair as both the manufacturers are coming up with their first Long Range vehicles in the market.

In the past few years, the first range of electric vehicles included those of Nissan and Ford, namely as Nissan Leaf and Ford Focus Electric which could be driven to a maximum range of 100 miles for a single charge. Tesla proved to be the winner among Nissan and Ford during the first time. However, Tesla came out with a car having 200 miles per hour mileage.

Mercedes has launched its new version Mercedes EQC which will run about 270 miles for a single charge to its battery. Meanwhile, Volkswagen has come up with 3 battery packs with the smaller one capable of running 200 miles for a single charge of a battery.  While the largest one of 77 kWh can run up to 340 miles.

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Volkswagen and Mercedes to Invest Billion USD

The Volkswagen hatchback opened up sales on a new website this Thursday which will target the European market at a price of 30,000 Euros ($34,000). More than 10,000 customers preordered the ID.3, in the first 24 hours. The company executive said, “We are aligning Volkswagen with e-mobility like no other company in our industry.”

The company has plans to spends about 800 Million USD to expand its factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee to boost production. Moreover, the company expects its sales growth to project about 15 to 22 million over the next decade.

Meanwhile, Mercedes EQC edition 1886 is expected to deliver 292 miles per charge with an output of 402 horsepower in less than 5 seconds. These numbers suggest that it will be a big challenge for Tesla’s older versions both Model X and Model Y.

Tesla EVs will be Targeted More in Future

It looks like Elon Musk’s brand will have to struggle more in the future along with Mercedes and Volkswagen and many other electric car manufacturing companies. Jaguar Land Rover has recently launched its Jaguar I-Pace which was named as the World Car of the Year by an International Panel of Motor Journalists.

Moreover, demand for electric vehicles did not grow much last year as only 16 percent of American motorists said to definitely consider purchasing battery-powered vehicles as their next vehicle. This also means that Mercedes and Volkswagen will have to hope that they entice the people with longer range vehicles that are cheaper compared to this price.

But the good news is that around 40 million U.S. motorists are expected to consider an electric vehicle for them in the future. However, only time will tell how much this launch will cost Tesla in terms of revenue loss.

Tesla killers Volkswagen and Mercedes to Launch Long Range EVs

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