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Online betting has already been in existence for a long time yet the legality of such gambling business is varied from country to country. Betting can be undoubtedly a lucrative idea for an application considering the fact that it is legal for the countries where the app will service. It is important therefore for top mobile application development companies to verify the legality of any controversial idea before commencing with app development process. Countries like Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Italy, and the UK are the top ones in the chart were betting in different forms is legal. Yet there are still nations that are opposed to the whole idea of legalizing betting and gambling. India, Japan, and the Middle East are the few such nations who oppose similar concepts strongly. However, one of the biggest conglomerates in India, Reliance has introduced online betting for cricket IPL 2018 through ‘MyJio- Jio Cricket Play Along’, for the users of the same country where betting is considered strictly illegal.

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From a different perspective and looking at the broader picture, the future of online betting looks highly promising-

  • Online gambling market is expected to rise from 37.91 billion U.S. dollars in 2015 to 59.79 billion U.S. dollars in 2010.
  • The market revenue for gambling and betting in the Asia Pacific is estimated to expand at Compound Annual Growth Rate of 12.9% from 2016 to 2024.

Another common prospect for sports betting applications is to enhance user experience as well as allow them to view sports live, cheer for the most-loved team as well as a bet to win the prizes and money right from the personal smartphone.

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In order to build up an application that facilitates legal online sports betting through a smartphone, the indomitable features must be kept in mind.

So, we begin with the User Panel

  • The first thing that comes to mind is the ‘Login Feature’, which is existing in almost 85% of the applications.
  • Followed by ‘Selection of Sport/Player’. The users must be given the option to choose the ‘Type of Sports’ and the ‘Team Players’ along with the betting rates for each member displayed adjacently.
  • Proper ‘Guidelines’ to teach every single detail and clearing out the concept of betting.
  • ‘Information’ on each player with their detailed bio adjacent to their profile as well as insights on match schedules.
  • Watch the game live’ to allow gamblers to track the proceedings of the match ‘Live’ to strategize when placing a bet on a particular game or team.
  • Choosing the ‘Model for Betting’ to permit the users in opting for the best betting model as per their preference and convenience.
  • Confirming the ‘Rank and Position’ of each player at the end of each match.
  • ‘Payment Gateways’ to collect the winning amount or make payments for the fresh bet right through e-wallet embedded into the application itself.
  • ‘Communication’ through chat options to permit each player to indulge in discussions and predictions on each match.

One important thing to remember yet again is to create a multilingual application since betting is carried out worldwide.

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But, the application developer must also consider the administration part of the same application as well. The Admin side includes the basic features such as:

  • ‘Sign-up/Login’ panel
  • ‘Management of Registered Users’
  • ‘Drawing insights from Bookies’
  • ‘Management of Payment and Distribution of Prizes’.

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Wrapping Up

Either hire dedicated mobile app developer or self-build your own personal betting application, the above-mentioned features can help in properly designing the sports betting app for the sports lovers and gamblers alike. Top-rated mobile application development companies like Fluper is well renowned in designing apps to cater the different genres as per clients’ requirements. The betting application can be a lucrative and challenging concept for the team of fluid performers.

If you think any new feature can be added to it, then do comment here.

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