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“A good programmer is that who looks both sides before crossing a one-way road”. If you can’t see a logic in this statement, Sorry, you can’t be a good software developer. There is a threadlike difference between writing codes and writing clear codes. Readability and comprehensibility are two major aspects that coders must take into account before writing codes for any application development. Messy syntax, unclear variable definitions, and jumbled codes can prove to be a pain for your organization when you need to provide crucial updates from time-to-time. Writing clean codes offer several advantages to business owners that will be discussed in detail in this blog. We hope that you will understand importance of coding with clarity so that you open up a space for your business to communicate efficiently and expand further.

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Understanding the Essence of Clean Codes

There isn’t a well-defined definition for writing codes with clarity. But writing codes that are easy-to-understand and easy-to-change can be termed as clear codes. When we talk about clarity of codes, it often refers to ease of understanding not only for the original author but for anyone else. A clearly written code minimizes the guess work and possibilities of misunderstandings.

Now, easy-to-change simply means ease to extend and refractor a code to fix all the bugs instantly. A person who is going to make some changes in the code must understand it properly and feels confident that changes introduced to codes will not affect existing functionalities.

Why Clean Codes are Necessary?

Importance of coding with clarity should be much emphasized well before commencing any app development project. The software development architecture requires perfection where everything is crystal clear to get deeper insights into the project and make required changes as per the market trends and changing consumer behavior.

Here are some top reasons why you must focus on writing codes with clarity.

1. User-centric Functionalities

User-centric FunctionalitiesA software programmer is like an author and great authors are known for writing books that tell a clear and compelling story. Similarly, developers also need to write codes with absolute clarity so that they can offer some best functionalities that users can rejoice while using the app. Clear, short, and precise codes offer seamless integration of certain features that will help your app gain an extra edge over the stiffly competitive app market. User experience and smooth navigation are always a deciding factor for any app’s success. Hence, the more clear codes you write for app, the better will be its functionality and users will respond in a desired way.  The namespaces and classes written by them must reflect their intention and objective behind writing that code.

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2. Promotes Best Software Development Practices

You must have noticed that in recent years, software best practices like unit testing, TDD, and CI have grown much in popularity as these practices elevate code quality and support easy maintenance. Mobile App Developers can create a systematic methodology by writing clear codes that can be easily understood by other team members to work further on them. It streamlines the entire app development process and reduces extra efforts and wastage of time on understanding different templates and their core functionalities.

3. Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Deploying clean codes is a fundamental development skill and it pays off when you need to make certain advancements into your app. With changing requirements of digital audience, you have to very flexible with your digital product and that will require frequent upgrades. Clear codes can help you deliver swift advancements without any time lapse. It supports easy and swift app maintenance that is a much-required function for business owners to outpace the highly competitive business environment. Businesses spend a lot on maintenance and upgrading certain functionalities for their business apps. Writing codes with clarity will certainly help in this aspect too.

4. Easy & Fool-proof Testing

Easy & Fool-proof Testing

Testing is a very tedious process where developer speed to go through different features and functionalities of your business app to check its relevance and performance. When mobile app developers write clean codes for any app development project, automated testing can be implemented efficiently that saves you much time and effort during testing phase. A test-driven deployment is the most trusted way to ensure the quality of codes and app’s functionalities. This also reduces the number of defects in the software and you can easily express your deftness in delivering bug-free and fluid mobile apps. This also help businesses to streamline their entire app development project and enhance their ROIs.

5. Keep it Simple

Writing codes with clarity empowers mobile app developers to overcome complicated problems that keep arising during the entire software development lifecycle. The importance of coding with clarity simply eliminates certain redundancies and repetitive tasks. Loading codes with extra information will also prove to be a time-consuming process where you will be indulged into mind-boggling situations during testing them. You never know what’s going to be trendy in the coming time. Hence, putting too much emphasis on overloading codes with additional information may prove to be a futile effort as just after one or two years, you will certainly find a better way to do that thing. So, for the time being, you must focus on writing clear codes without any ambiguity to support upcoming maintenance requirements.

6. It Maintains Consistency

Just imagine that you entered a shop and find the products scrambled everywhere with no proper place for any item. Will you be able to find your required product from such shop? Indentation in codes is a much similar concept to this scenario. When a developer writes indented codes, it becomes more readable and comprehensive to find what you are looking for. Providing proper naming convention for codes is an indispensable part of coding that also helps a lot in future edits.

Creating irrelevant names for pages, variables, and functions will create a lot of trouble for developers. Domain-driven design must be taken into account to create a common language for your project. Clear coding with straightforward approach helps developers to code perfectly for variable names, class names, and package names to make sense out of them and keep the entire process consistent and comprehensive.

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7. Caters to Cost Efficiency

Writing clear codes can have multiple benefits to mobile app developers that they realize after each accomplished stage of the development lifecycle. No matter how much pressure you get from the project managers for writing swift codes, it’s your responsibility to deliver quality-driven codes which are easy to comprehend and maintain. When you keep focusing on writing clear codes, you will notice that the development is going much smoother than you have ever expected it to be. Importance of coding with clarity can be easily experienced by various cost-saving methodologies that you can implement in your app development process.

End Note

Developers must focus on writing clear codes not just to make the process easier but to ensure unmatched quality development service that you will be offering to your clients. This will help you develop your own brand in the app development market.

Remember, it’s the quality and flexibility that matters most in today’s digital world and writing clear codes ensures and supports both. So, next time, when you start writing codes for any app, just evaluate the efficacy of information that you add to your codes.


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