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Taxi app development is at its peak as there is a great demand for swift apps that allow users to book cabs in just few taps. In 2020, the global taxi market was valued at $159.67 billion and is expected to reach $327.54 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 9% for the same year 2026. The Asia-Pacific region is reported to capture 73.14% of the global taxi market but there is a great demand for taxi apps in almost every nation. Hiring a mobile app development company in UK will prove to be much beneficial for getting started with your taxi app development. People are getting more sophisticated and look for customized traveling options whether for daily commute or for any long trips & tours. Bolt is an amazing taxi app that offers complete freedom to book an instant cab on the go with some exciting set of features.

If you are reading this blog, this certainly means that you are looking forward to launch a taxi app that can be a source to generate heavy revenues. This blog will offer crucial information on cost to develop an app like Bolt and some other aspects that you need to focus.

A Brief About Bolt App

A Brief About Bolt App

Bolt (formerly known as Taxify) is an Estonian mobility company that was launched in 2014 to offer instant cab services to people. The company is currently operating in more than 300 cities in more than 45 nations. It became the first transportation app in world to allow customers to pay for their trips via mobile carrier billing. The company remains in neck-to-neck competition with world’s top-rated taxi app; Uber. In many countries, Bolt has more users than Uber and both are known well for offering outstanding cab hailing services in different parts of the world.

Business Model of Bolt-like Taxi App

A user can easily register for the app using any social media account or email and then create a profile on it. You can enter your pick-up and drop location and the company will send the nearest available cab at your mentioned address. You will be informed about the vehicle and driver’s details via text message and can also track your vehicle in real-time. Just make payment and reach your destination with utter comfort and security.

Features to Develop an App Like Bolt

Features to Develop an App Like Bolt

An app’s features are crucial aspect to decide its actual cost to develop an app like Bolt. Features are the driving force or you can say an indispensable part of an app’s success. No matter how big your investment is or how advanced tech stacks you have used to develop it, without user-centric features, your efforts and investment will prove futile.

For a Bolt clone, you will need to develop three-panel taxi app that will include one for users, drivers, and an Admin panel. Let’s discuss these features one-by-one.

Passenger Panel Features

  • User Registration
  • Profile Creation
  • Vehicle Selection
  • Book a Ride
  • Real-time Location Tracking
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • In-app Chat
  • Push Notifications
  • Travel History
  • Rating & Feedback

Driver Panel Features

  • Login
  • Accept/Reject Bookings
  • In-app Chat
  • Push Notifications
  • Earning History
  • GPS-assisted Route Navigation

Admin Panel Features

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Document Processing
  • Vehicle management
  • Drivers Management
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Payment Management

These are some basic features and functionalities that are offered by the Bolt taxi app. You can choose to include some extra features depending on your business requirements and the type of target audience that you plan to capture.

Cost to Develop an App like Bolt

This is an important aspect to be considered before proceeding with the actual development task of your taxi app. Things should remain in budget so that you have enough resources and capital to invest in other operations.

Cost to Develop an App like Bolt

Calculating the total cost of taxi app development depends on some crucial factors like:

  • Taxi App development company: Naïve or Experienced
  • Type of Platform: Android, iOS, Linux or Windows
  • Type of App: Native, Hybrid, Cross-platform or Web-based
  • Number of Features
  • Tech stacks and
  • Use of Advanced Technologies

If we talk about Bolt taxi app, with all similar features and considering an average per hour development rate of $50, your Bolt-like taxi app development project will range somewhere between $25000 to $35000.

The taxi app development company must be trusted name in app development industry as foolproof coding is key to your app’s performance and the performance will decide its level of success. Hence, make a decision wisely.

Use the Best Tech Stacks

Taxi app development includes front-end and back-end development and both aspects must be duly taken care of when selecting tech stacks for them. We have mentioned some best advanced tech stacks that will be enough to develop write robust coding for your taxi app.

  • Backend Development:js, Java, PHP
  • Web-based Front-end:js, React.js
  • Mobile-based Front-end: Java and Kotlin (Android) Objective-C and Swift (iOS)
  • Cloud Servers: Google Cloud Platform
  • Database: MySQL, MongoDB
  • Email Notification: SMTP or Mandrill
  • GPS API: Google Maps (Android) and Mapkit (iOS)
  • Payment Gateway: BrainTree or Stripe
  • Push Notifications: Google Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • SMS Notification: Twilio and Snich

All you need to do is to get started with the basic research work on market trends and competitors and then frame a strategy that has no loopholes. Hire a trusted taxi app development company and discuss everything clearly in your service contract.

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