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Once you get done with the Android app development process, the next step is to sell your app on the Google Play Store. The Android platform covers almost 90% audience of the entire mobile app market. Tempting people to download your app and keep them engaged in it is the biggest challenge that business owners face today in the stiffly competitive world of mobile apps. Without any exception, the primary target of app owners is to make maximum money out of their app development process. This can only be achieved when you adopt the right strategy to launch your app on Google Play Store and sell it in an effective way. This blog will offer valuable insights on how to sell your app on Google Play Store grab a startling opportunity to capitalize on it.

Why Google Play Store is Best?

There are many platforms where you can launch your app successfully but the best option is to sell it on Google Play Store as it’s the most widely used app store in the world. Google owns both Android and Play Store, hence, uploading apps according to the preferences of Android platform becomes much convenient process. There are 3739 apps uploaded on this platform on a daily basis and this makes it a highly competitive platform where you can get an extra edge over the competition by selling your apps with the right strategy.

Why Google Play Store is Best

It also offers wide range of selling preferences where you can target a varied audience and earn huge revenue. Moreover, an Android app development company uses Google Analytics to analyze app’s performance. Let’s discuss some crucial methods through which you can effectively sell your business app on this world’s most swiftly growing app store.

Choosing the Right Monetization Approach

A foolproof monetization strategy has to be developed if you are really interested in making maximum money out of your business app. The strategy must be prepared keeping in mind, interest of your audience and the app market trends. Here are some most popular monetization methods that you can consider.

Choosing the Right Monetization Approach

In-App Purchases: Google Plat billing allows you to make maximum money from your app. You can offer certain featured products and services that can be purchased within the app to get enhanced user experience. The remove ads service has also proven to be quite effective in making money through your app. You can use promotional codes and sell your app on local prices.

App Subscriptions: Subscription model is one of the most commonly used methods to monetize your business app. You can offer certain advanced features that users can purchase by subscribing for your app.

Ads: The Google Ad mob integration in the app allows you to earn good money from other businesses which exhibit their ads on your app’s interface. Choosing relevant ads related to your business products and services can help you earn money from ads and eve develop good collaboration with other business units for further growth and expansion of your business.

Paid Apps: Under such system, you set a particular price for your app to be downloaded and when a user downloads it, you get paid for that. No matter how quickly the user uninstalls your app, the downloading process itself has earned you money for just downloading the app.

E-commerce: This is a widely used method to earn money from mobile apps. You sell physical goods and services through your iOS app development and payment integration helps you earn good money out of it.

Selling In-app Digital Goods

When you sell your apps using the Google Play Store platform, you never have to panic about payments and transactions, Google itself takes good care of it. An Android app development company makes good use of this Play Store feature. You just have to clearly specify the ways or features through which you want to earn money through your app. Here is the entire process how you can use it:

  • Decide features that you want to sell to your users
  • Create a Google Wallet Merchant account
  • Activate the in-app purchase functionality on Google Play console
  • Don’t forget to integrate In-app billing API
  • Decide the mechanisms through which those paid features will be unlocked

Selling Subscriptions

Google play offers a lot of tools and techniques to make your subscription process convenient and catchy. Subscription model is an effective way to grant access for some advanced features and functionalities when users agree to pay for them.

Sell App Services

Sell App Services

If you have integrated the Android Pay API in your e-commerce app, you can easily sell physical goods and services and Google Play Console offers great convenience for it. You can take complete advantage of this system to capitalize on your investments.

These are some proven and most effective ways to make money from your business app through Google Play Store. Remember, there are millions of apps on app stores and deciding the right selling strategy will definitely set you on the driving seat.

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