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Imagine going through the whole process of  iOS app development and ending up facing a rejection. Sounds like a nightmare, right? The last but the most important part of building an app is to get it approved by the App Store after passing all the parameters. The whole process of app submission, testing, and approval takes quite some time, so you must not let all your efforts go in vain by not taking enough precautions at each step. 

How To Protect Your App From Getting Rejected From Apple Store

So, let us look at some of the crucial points that are necessary to protect your app from getting rejected from the App store. 

1Know the ‘Terms & Conditions’

Before submitting your app for App Store approval, you will be given a set of terms & conditions or guidelines from Apple. Just like any other terms & conditions, you must not skip this one. It is crucial for your app and its success in the future. It is, therefore, important to go through the list of terms & conditions to acquire approval from Apple. While reading the guidelines or terms & conditions, make sure that you note down the lacking parts of your app and the pain points that you need to work on. You can even do this much before assigning your app development task to an iPhone game development company.
How To Protect Your App From Getting Rejected From Apple Store

2Provide an easy-to-use interface

Apple has been popularly known to provide an exceptional experience to all its customers in every way possible. Such a huge and successful company needs to live up to its reputation to be reliable and relevant for the users. Thus, it is no wonder that Apple expects you to maintain a standard of your app to be able to make it to their App Store. This goes in line with the user interface of your app. For example, if your app has an interface that is very complex for the users, then Apple will reject it. 

How To Protect Your App From Getting Rejected From Apple Store

To make it easy for the developers to understand the requirements of the App Store, Apple provides some elaborate guides of the user interface.

3Eliminate all possible bugs & glitches 

Apple gives its users a high priority. Thus, it is important to realise that your app takes care of this priority and is designed accordingly. That means if your app has some recurring or troublesome bugs or glitches, you need to resolve them before approaching Apple for approval. Once you get your app tested through beta testers and all the possible bugs are eliminated, the chances of getting approval from Apple get higher.

4Make sure your app stands out

Apple is amongst those unmatched companies that promote unique and innovative ideas through its platform. So, if at all your app is a renewed version of an old one, Apple is likely to reject it. If your iPhone app development partner or company tries to do something unethically, Apple will surely catch hold of that and reject it. You must also make sure that your app name or description does not mislead a user. You should also avoid choosing a name for your app that sounds similar to any other popular app but has no connection with it. In case your app has features that are similar to a popular app, make sure that you curate a completely different identity for yours with an original name and design.

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