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iOS game apps are one of the most popular app categories on the app stores. For all good reasons, these apps offer the best and the most innovative platforms to enjoy the fun and thrill of virtual gaming. If you are into game development, you are on the more beneficial part. How? These games can help you drive a lot of new customers and boost your business. 

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However, you can expect the best results only after you make quality input in the iPhone game development process. This article will let you know of some of the best practices for successful iOS game development in 2021. 

1Divide your gameplay 

Before you set out to develop your game app, you need to focus on planning the game mechanics and game content. The game mechanics involve the control of characters, enemy behaviour, and other such actions. Whereas game content is related to different aspects of levels of the game. The game mechanics are the same for every level and location of the game. To make the best game app, you must focus on coding the game mechanics but not the game content. If you are making a complex game, make sure that you split it into gameplay files and resource files that will include different game animations, objects, and positions.

2Control memory consumption

It is important to build an app that does not take too much space on the user’s device. To make sure that your app uses less memory, you can avoid using the png loading function of the GLSprite Demo from Apple. It is because this tool uses a lot of memory and cache images that will eventually slow down your app’s performance. You can even focus on cropping the sprites tightly that will help you save more space. 

3Combine time-based actions with a timer

To understand this point, let us first look at the Update Loop concept. It is a method to orchestrate the game actions. It acts like a timer that establishes how often the game is rendered to screen. Generally, the rate is 60 frames per second but if you are making a complex game, then the global rendering speed can reduce the speed of mobile games. To tackle this, you must use the timer offered by your game engine. 

4Avoid third-party libraries

Taking the short route may seem to lure many developers. However, using third-party libraries to build your game easily and quickly may seem too risky. Thus, it is important to avoid using any third-party libraries in your iOS app development process. 

5Choose the right platform

Choosing the right platform or the most suitable development software is very crucial to build a quality game app. Thus, you must be aware of all your requirements and choose the platform that can help you enhance game animation, performance, and other important factors. You can choose from some of the famous game development platforms such as GameMaker, LiveCode, and Stencyl. These platforms provide all the necessary tools for game development. These also offer various widgets, libraries, and extensions to help your app development process get a boost.

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