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Confidence is one of those things without which a person is incomplete and somewhat unrecognizable at some point. My point being, every single of us are different in so many aspects, but in the end, it comes down to how we portray ourselves to others. It really doesn’t matter how you look like, as long as you are confident, there is nothing in this world that can stop you from achieving the milestone that you always wanted in the first place.

Being the COO at Fluper, I Richa Sharma is here to guide you on how to become the best of yourself. And trust me; it is not that tough as most of you might be thinking it could be. Evidently, you can find numerous articles over the internet on how to build up your confidence, but let me tell you one thing; you won’t be finding any sort of originality.

To help you out in the best possible way, I’ll be enlisting some of the essential aspects that you as a person need to consider in order to showcase the best of you.

Before jumping right into these aspects, first, you need to understand, “what is a confident individual?”

What is Confident Person?

Apparently, not everyone is born with a sense of self-confidence. Most of the time, it’s hard for some to develop confidence, the reason behind such obstructions can be either past experiences or you may you have suffered low self-esteem.

A Confident Person:

  • Does what is right, even though it’s not appreciated.
  • Is willing to take risks.
  • Admits their mistake and take actions to make things right again.
  • Is able to accept a compliment.
  • Is optimistic.

How to Show Your Best Side to Others

Like I said earlier, it’s not that hard to bring your best side out in public. All you have to do is just is to follow the guidelines that I’m about to enlist.

  • Posture: It doesn’t seem that important, right? Well, this is something where you are wrong. Maintain the right posture makes you look attractive and attentive at the same time. It tells a person that you are interesting and cool to be with.
  • Attire: Looking good doesn’t mean you have to wear expensive clothes; instead you have to wear such clothes that suit you better. Keep in mind, being rich and being confident are two very different things.
  • Gestures: whenever you are having a conversation with someone, make sure to maintain eye contact, you need to smile quite often and last but not the least make sure to nod your head. It makes you look attentive.
  • Sophistication: Always work on your looks, and by that I mean, wear nice shoes and a cherry on top finish things off with a watch. These two simple things can make you look a sophisticated individual in no time.

So, here we are; those were some of the things which you need to work on in order to showcase the best of you. I hope you’ll find this quite helpful and will bring you joy at the same time.`


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