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With so many companies claiming to be the best mobile app developer, it creates confusion in minds of businesses as whom to believe for their future mobile app development project. Many a time, you must have heard of a company not completing a project on time, or providing substandard quality of solutions leaving start-up businesses to collapse.

But with some extra caution, you can get your desirable mobile app development company without having to think twice. Have a look at some of the things to consider while choosing the right mobile app development company. We hope the below list of questions will enable you to take the right decision.

Questions to Ask from Your Mobile App Developer

We have created a list of mobile app development questionnaire which can be of great help in case you are about to pursue your mobile app business. Have a look at the questions below.

iconCould you share the complete portfolio with us?

The portfolio represents the group of applications which the company has built. Usually, companies present a few applications or their products on their profile which is generally available on the website. You can ask your future developer to share their portfolio with you. What this will do is that it will give you an idea whether they are really capable to carry your project or not.

iconCould you provide contact information on some of your previous clients?

It is a great set up question which will allow you to get some key information about a mobile app development agency. This will allow you to know how the company handled its previous clients during all scenarios in the app development process. Moreover, this gives you an insight into how a particular company has a relationship with their clients. Reviews available on various reliable platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms could help you in making a well-framed decision.

iconIn how much time can you deliver the application?

In normal circumstance, mobile app development companies take around 3-4 months pre-launch of your application. This is because; your future app requires a pre-launch strategy to engage users through its vast network.

If you’re mobile app development company tells you that it can be completed in one week or so, it’s a great sign that they have the expertise because design and development in a week is a commendable task, but we don’t think it’s the right approach.

iconAre there any agreements signed?

Well, paperwork is extremely important as it prevents you from falling in all the worst case situations like Fraud, or legal actions. A Non-Disclosure agreement which we generally sign, allows both parties to maintain their secrecy. Moreover, ask your mobile app developer to give you real-time code updates.

iconWhat Development model you rely on, Is it Agile and how it works?

Always include this question in your list before hiring a mobile app development company. As a development model tells you a lot of things about how a company functions. We at Fluper work on Agile Development Approach which allows us to improve the software product on various stages of development. Moreover, it allows you to get faster delivery options of your software compared to other development approaches like the Waterfall model.

iconWhat Tools and design approach do you follow to create Mobile App Designs?

Since designs are the first things which engage a user, having an elegant design can is extremely important is getting higher user engagement. Ask your developer what tools it is going to work on. Some advanced tools like Unity Engine can be a game changer for you.

Primarily, the basic approach we follow for mobile app development includes:

iconRequirement Gathering

iconMarket Research

iconUX Wireframe

iconMock-ups and Prototype

iconFinal Code

iconDo you Follow Coding Standards and Take Use of a Framework?

So what really is a Framework? Well, a framework is an organised coding system which allows a mobile app developer to develop software quickly. The reusable libraries and components, as well as other essential tools, allow code maintainability.

Hence, before hiring a mobile app development company, check whether they use standard systems or not. If your developer has hands-on-experience on Frameworks like Ionic, React Native, Xamarin, then chances are that you will be able to get responsive and highly advance apps from your development agency.

iconDo I need to get apps developed for Android and iOS Platforms Separately?

At the beginning of mobile app development, unless you have a great budget, it is always preferable to go with one platform for development. Let suppose, you went with Android app development, after the initial success you can go for iOS app development considering the heavy revenue generating opportunity it provides.

This is where Cross-platform app development can help you get affordable apps. On the other hand, if you want platform-specific very fast and responsive apps, you can go with the native platform as well.

iconWill I get Wireframe before the start of the project for Free?

Before you decide to hire a mobile app development company based on its ratings or any other parameter, it is important to ask the company if it provides free wireframes. Though not many companies provide wireframes but always go with the one who understands your project requirement and works on providing a design that rightfully matches with your company’s brand identity.

It will help you to decide which company to go for. Ideally, we suggest you can ask top 2 or 3 related development companies and then an idea of whether they are able to incorporate your thoughts in app design or not.

iconAre you going to publish my app to app stores or marketplace?

Be sure to check if your future partner is providing the service of app submission on app stores. Not every mobile app developer provides app store submission as it requires a lot of strict guidelines to be followed which can otherwise result in rejection of the application.

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iconWhat about Post Launch of the app, will you maintain the app?

As we all know that post-launch activities help in improving the application in terms of fixing bugs, adding new features, updating old ones, etc. Additionally, check how often your mobile app design company is releasing new versions via beta releases. Enquire whether your partner has app support and maintenance program or not. You can also inquire a few other things which include:

iconThe cost per new release of the product

iconHow frequently they handle bugs

iconThe success of their previous post launches

iconWhat about Marketing? Can you ensure app success?

Though nobody can ensure your success but ask this to know what your mobile app developer has to say on this. Before hiring a mobile app development company, remember that no one can give the extent of app success. But in case, your developer agency has a great user engagement or stats to show, then this is an indication that you can rely on that specific mobile app development company.

iconHow will you keep me updated on Project?

All of the mobile app development companies have some or the other mode of communication. But companies just like us work on agile methodology get plenty of opportunities to not only update you with the track of project but also constantly improve with client feedback.

Check if your developer has access to some of the popular project management tools like JIRA, Trello, and Asana. Apart from this, emails, calls and Skype video conferencing are some other ways by which you can get updated constantly with reports based on daily basis.

iconDo I own the code?

Any company that works on client projects related to app development has some responsibility to make sure the code is secure. As you are the one who is paying makes you the sole owner. So before you hire a mobile app development company, check if all the agreements have this important point included.

Just in case, you are unsatisfied or wish to go for other mobile app development agency, you will still have the power to make use of the code for future projects related to improvement or expansion of your business.

iconWhat about the Exit options?

Imagine the situation when your mobile app developer is unable to meet the deadline or provides substandard quality of a product. It might also happen that you might run out of funds. This is where; you need to have a closer look at the company’s Service Legal Agreement (SLA).

Why Fluper Is A One-Stop Solution For Your App Development Project?

Fluper provides you a wide range of advantages. Being a platinum mobile app developer, we have met the expectations of more than 300 businesses which include various brands, SMEs and startups.

Fluper offers you a wide range of benefits:

icon9 Months App Marketing and Optimization Support

icon7 Days Instant Money Back Guaranteed

icon60 Days App Development Challenge

iconLegalized NDAs and Contracts with Complete Control

icon“100+ 10″% Money Back Guarantee

icon24×7 Service Support and Maintenance

iconAgile Scrum Development Architecture

iconFixed Priced Cost Effective SLAs

iconMilestone Wise Quality Delivery Charges

iconZero Cost Maintenance Guaranteed 2.5 Years

iconExtreme Quality Guarantee Certificate

iconReal-Time Tracking and Updates

iconQuickest Delivery of App Guaranteed

iconZero-Dollars Charge Guaranteed

iconDedicated App Development Team Guarantee

iconTransparent Fixed Charges

iconComplete Source Code Copyrights and IPR

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