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When it comes down to launching innovative technologies, we all can admit to the fact that the app development industry is the best one available in this job. whether you believe it or not but mobile apps are being developed and launched every single day, which means there are millions of apps available on both Android and iOS stores.

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But that doesn’t mean every single app out there taste success. Apparently, in the app development industry the application should have the following capabilities:


iconLog free

iconBest user experience

iconIntuitive user interface

If your application manages to have the aforementioned qualities, then it is most likely to succeed. Since we are talking what qualities, we have to bring up the most crucial element of an app, which is it’s design.

It has been found that 90% of the users judge an app by its design, and if an app doesn’t have the desired design and functionality then it is most likely to get uninstalled straight away.

Nowadays, the app development industry is considered to be a cutthroat venture of them all. Ever since the inception of smartphones and easy access to the internet, the number of , mobile app development companies has risen to a greater extent.

With that being said, if you want to score big with your application then you’ll have to make sure that it’s design comes out on top. If you are planning to do so, then make sure to read this article in its whole, as we have mentioned the most crucial elements which you should consider while designing your application.

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iconStreamlined Focus

Like it is mentioned earlier, if your App fails to provide your user with exactly what they want then they are most likely to discontinue using your application and might end up uninstalling it. In order to dodge such a situation, you will have to streamline your app’s goals and purpose in order to determine how you are going to deliver what the users want.


Hassle-free Navigation

While designing navigation for application you have to keep in mind the way how user hold a smartphone in order to use it. For instance, most of the people of their use their thumb to scroll through an application, which means while designing your app’s layout you have to make sure that the usability of your app should be given great importance.

Make sure that the menu of the app should be within reach and should be designed in such a way so that it can be easily identified.

Since space is one of the major aspects these days, it is quite essential for you to avoid overloading. Make sure that your users don’t get lost in your features, instead you can show them a clear line of direction through which they can navigate your app better.



The main reasons behind creating an Apple is to provide your users with exactly what they want. As an app developer or a designer, it is your responsibility to make sure that your users should get a reason to download your application. it is highly recommended to implement a solid onboarding process which will help you with your retention rates. Following are some of the ways which you can implement in your Onboarding process to engage your users in the best possible way.

iconEmphasize on your value proposition

iconConsider highlighting app’s core feature

iconDon’t ask for too much information

iconKeep learning for further improvements

iconDon’t waste your user’s time


Personalized Experience

Whether you believe it or not but user experience holds a special place in the app designing industry. Now a days you have to make sure that your app should be as personalized as possible because that’s what users like. it is highly recommended to hire mobile app developers and designers of best possible results as they can add further elements to uplift the user experience in your app.


User Friendly Interface

If you haven’t got the idea the latest tell you that keeping your application user friendly is quite essential. In fact, user interface is said to be the most crucial aspect of mobile application. If your user find difficulties in navigating then they are most likely to get rid of your app.


Offline Accessibility

Your application should have an offline option available. Consider making your app offline accessible so that whenever there is no or slow internet connection your app should work in its prime. However this concept depends upon the nature and the services of the application. But, it is always appreciated when certain features of an application are available in offline mode. Music application for instance use this option to offer a great user experience even though there is no internet connection.

Final Words

If you manage to keep the aforementioned points in mind while designing an application you will definitely succeed as they are proven to be the most trusted tactics which most of mobile app development companies in UK imply.


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