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In this hectic schedule of life, people get so busy running after their dreams and ambitions that they forget to take care of their health. Health and fitness are predominantly the main topics of discussion today. People every year make resolutions to stay fit and healthy and eventually fail.

Well, this problem has been sorted up too much extent; thanks to the mobile app development industry. Nowadays most of the people are busy using their smartphones, and the health apps have become their daily gym instructor.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle you need is to maintain the vitality of your body and that comes from doing exercise on an everyday basis. Though for maintaining healthy and fit life physical activities are needed. In addition to this, you also need to keep a check on your blood pressure and heart rate and other medical conditions. And the fitness tracker is the perfect companion that helps you to check all health-related conditions in the best manner. The increased use of fitness trackers has increased the need for fitness applications with time.

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The Latest Trends Related to Fitness App Market

We live in a time when people are busy in their life and they have the least amount of time to care about their health. To overcome such a situation, the Technology development helps us to do this procedure more well-organized as well. Today best Mobile App Developers & Programmers are making apps like Fitbit that can help you can transform your mobile device into a personal fitness coach. All you need to do is just go to the app store and download the app.
With the increase in the fitness app market expands, and there are different types of healthcare fitness apps. The most well-liked are:

iconWorkout and log trackers

iconActivity and exercises apps

iconDieting and Nutrition apps

Let’s have a Closer Look at Apps like Fitbit.

Know More About FitBit App:

Fitbit app is a well-known health and fitness app. The app has everything that you need to keep yourself healthy and physically fit with a tracking option. This mobile app can help you check your health activities to avoid or stop problematic incident to happen while you are exercising.

While exercising as we know that body moves, all the muscles of your body. These movements can affect heart beat and other important signs of your body. Because of this, it is significant to track your body vital signs. This app not only helps you to maintain your overall body fitness but also helps you in monitoring all the significant signs of your body that need to seek medical help and prevent stroke or heart attack.

If you are planning to develop an app like Fitbit then it is important to understand all the features of the app. The Fitbit app has a number of features that can help individuals to improve their health. The app has a “log food” feature which can help the users to check the number of calories that they have taken after each meal. Fit bit’s track activity feature is another key feature that permits the user to keep track of the steps you have made for the day or the floors you have climbed, and the calories you have burned after exercising and much more.

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To make things a little bit more exciting, you can without difficulty connect with your friends and also can invite them to join you. Even on the leader board, you can compete with your friends.

Features of the Fitbit App:

Fitness Apps have a Variety of Features and the Features Decide your Overall Development Cost:

iconAlert and reminders feature regarding your workout schedule.

iconRecording option to check achievements on unlocking the different levels of fitness

iconGraphs merged with calendars to help you check your progress

icon Rewards and promotions feature

icon You can check and count Heart rates and calories burnt

icon Easy to use Profile creation page

icon Social integration

icon Total track of walking and cycling or any kind of exercise

iconThe option of sharing your achievements with your friends via social platforms or text and email

Cost of a Fitbit Clone App Cost Depends on:

Fitbit clone app cost depends

icon Functionality

icon Platforms

icon Size

icon Features and

iconDevice compatibility

Having such a fitness app on your device is a truly amazing experience because you can always check and confirm you are vital signs before starting your exercise. Fitness applications also have a broad range of health and fitness products that help you track everything related to your fitness. With the help of fitness apps, physical fitness is fully assured.

How Much Does An App Like Fitbit Cost?

Developing an App Like fit bit Cost would depend on various factors. The total of the app will depend on the type of app that you want to have and the features that you want in your next health and fitness app. According to the latest survey, the average app developer in the US would usually charge about $100 per hour for developing an app like Fitbit.
There are a number of fitness apps that are present in the marketplace like Fitbit, Runtastic, and Google Fit and mobile app development companies charge anywhere between $4kto $10k per platform for developing fitness apps.

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Of course, along with the time the cost of the fitness app development depends on the features you would like to add in your product. If you are looking for a Fitbit app clone to be developed, you would need to hire iOS developers and Android developers, project manager fitness app designers, including business analysts, UI/UX designers, and QA-engineer. All the experts mentioned would need a particular amount of time to develop a fitness application, more particularly:

Fitbit clone app cost in 2020

icon Business analysis + design prototypes – will take up in between 50-60 hours.

icon Design part – will take up to 70-80 hours

iconDevelopment stage: up from 350-400 hours for the iOS platform, and 480 hours for Android

iconBack-end development: in between 370- 400 hours

icon Testing part – up from 80 hours

As you may know, we regularly provide our readers with a rough assessment of the app’s main features and cost. So, here in this blog, we decided to give you the approximate Fitbit app development cost according to the main parts of the application.
The hourly rate usually starts from 20$/hour and could be up to 150$/hour, depending on the type of services, platform, and type of bond you choose. Therefore, the average price for App Like fit bit Cost for iOS or Android platform would start at 12k to 16k USD per platform respectively. But if you get associated with Fluper, the cost to develop an app like Fitbit will be at a very competitive price.

The Cost of Developing FitBit Applications can be Classified as:

iconMidsized fitness application: An approximate of $5000 to $7000 US dollars.

icon Complex fitness applications: An approximate of $7000 to $12000 US dollars.

iconHighly complex applications: An approximate of $16000 US dollars and above.

CTA: Contacts us for more details to develop an app like Fitbit. Get a free quote now.


In nutshell, when you decide to develop your fitness app consider first the features you want in your fitness app. If you are planning to develop a complex app, then expect it to be a little bit expensive; however, if the app is simple with few features, the cost will certainly be lower. But choose an expert developer to get the best ROI on your end product. With the growing demand in the marketplace, the health and fitness apps are the need of the hour and most people who don’t have sufficient time to join the gym also can choose this app. However, you have to be very accurate when you are considering the features of the application. Creating an App like Fitbit can be a challenging task for the developers because on one front they have to magnetize users through features and at the same time have to offer a seamless experience.
Contact us if you have any questions about developing a fitness mobile app.


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