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Recently, Spotify introduced a new feature, which will let users add their podcasts to playlists. Yes, now you can make use of this feature of Spotify effortlessly. With the addition, it will become possible for users to create their own customized playlists of their desired podcasts, or even those that join music and audio — parallel to Spotify’s own lately released “Your Daily Drive.”

Recently, Spotify declared the news in a press release:

“Until recently, playlists were exclusive to music. But now, in the true spirit of Audio First, Spotify users can combine music and podcasts on the same playlists.”

Spotify Now Allows to Add Podcasts to Playlist

With the help of “Your Daily Drive,” Spotify place its personalization engine to function to link both the music, as well as news from chosen sources. However, with the capability of building your own favorite podcast-filled playlists, now you will not have to depend on the curation of Spotify as much.

The press release even reveals: “With this recently released, frequently requested functionality, users can build playlists of podcasts, or add podcasts to existing playlists for a mixed-media experience. Users can also set up a playlist of multiple podcasts in a row—perfect for a long drive or maybe a run—or integrate their favorite songs with news, comedy, or sports podcasts. (Here’s an idea: set up a selection of sunny, feel-good songs for before, after, and in between a bunch of great true-crime podcast episodes—you know, to balance yourself out.)”

In its place, you can create your podcast playlists by going to the three-dot menu available to podcast’s episode right and then “Add to playlist.” You can even select to append it a playlist, which you have already generated or you can create a fresh one from the beginning. It is feasible to add more content to the playlist, which includes music if you would like to.

The organization mentions this functionality is something that users have frequently wanted and requested since the assimilation of podcasts to its music service. Nevertheless, it is not essentially tu3 simplest method to tune into to the recent episodes of your lovable programs, since it includes manual curation.

A lot of podcasts launch new episodes each week or so and do not wish to get stuck continually generating playlists for those. In its place, the attribute makes more understanding for curating a bunch of podcasts across a theme or arranging yourself to spree your way via only some programs on an extended commute or road trip, for instance.

Spotify says, at the moment, there are over 3 billion user-created music playlists on its service; therefore it considers that its users are going to embrace this unique curation ability too.

After a podcast playlist has been generated, it is possible to share with the public or friends, similar to music playlists. It could turn out to be a crucial marketing utility for podcasters, which could place joint playlists of their most outstanding episodes or those with prestigious guest stars, for instance, as a method to commence novices to their shows. However, it even could give out as a technique for friends to suggest their preferred shows to others, by keeping together a catalog of their all-time desired episodes.

For those fascinated in tracking news & entertainment, they could construct playlists of podcast episodes with the help of diverse sources all paying attention to the similar topic. For example, a playlist providing everyone’s reviews of the innovative iPhone.

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Within some years, Spotify has significantly devoted in the podcast marketplace, including via acquisitions like Anchor, Parcast, and Gimlet and in its programming, such as the contract with Barack & Michelle Obama’s production corporation, Higher Ground, for example, and a rapidly enhancing number of exclusives, originals, and windowed-exclusives. It even hired previous Condé Nast president of entertainment Dawn Ostroff, in order to lead its content efforts. In the present arena, Spotify states it has “hundreds of thousands” of podcasts accessible to stream on its stage.

The new podcast playlist-creating feature is mobile-only for at the moment. On a desktop, you can merely stream the playlists that you made, but can’t construct them so far Spotify says. To insert podcasts into your playlists with mobile Spotify application, do the following:

iconGo to the Search icon.

iconTap on Podcasts.

iconMove to the podcast of your option & tap on the 3-dot menu icon.

iconTap Add to Playlist.

iconFinally, tap on an accessible playlist or generate a new playlist.


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