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The modern world has changed beyond our expectation, the majority of countries and cultures are becoming much more open. Now, we have more opportunities to travel and find out new exciting things about our world and discover new places. When the idea to travel places comes to your mind, what is the first thing you think about? Definitely, exciting and unbelievable experience but at reasonable prices, isn’t it?

In this case, most people choose the easiest way; they take the services of travel agencies, where you travel according to them. But what if you decide to travel by your rules, you want to organize everything by yourself? We can say this is the reason behind the ever-growing popularity of Airbnb.

Nowadays people are keen to travel new places, and this is the reason apps like Airbnb have become a notable business idea. So, if you are wondering how you can use this idea to make your own profit, here we will be analyzing the business model and features of Airbnb, so that you can develop an app like Airbnb yet unique.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online marketplace for the people where they can find and book extraordinary accommodations across the world. Airbnb’s headquarter is in San Francisco and it was founded in 2008. The idea was generated by Brian Chesk and Joe Gebbia. It offers unique adventures for people as they can rent anything from a single room to an apartment, a castle, or even a houseboat.

Now, the accommodation cost obviously differs, however it is always decided by the owner of the selected property. Airbnb earns its revenue by charging a percent of service fees from the guests and hosts with every booking.

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How Does Airbnb Work?

Airbnb works by booking hosts all across the world and to develop an app like Airbnb you must follow basic steps of Airbnb. Today, it is providing services in more than 190 nations and using this app; people can’t just book a room but also rent their room. It works simply, where people simply need to register and fill their profiles. After that they can explore various options in the place they want to visit. The app has incredibly made people’s lives easier by making traveling easy for them.

The App Development Cost: In Details

Here, we separate this application into components and consider how long it takes to develop each component.

As you know, the cost of making an app is as follows. To conclude the price, the developing company calculates the time taken in the development of an application. The time is calculated in hours multiplied by a certain rate fix by the company. Thus, you get the sum that will be the price of your app.

So, let’s Look at, What it can Cost you to Develop Each Feature of an App like Airbnb:

The App Development Cost in details like Airbnb


Like every travel apps, here the user first needs to register via their phone number and email ID. Once the user agreed to your terms and conditions, the registration process will be complete.

iconUser Profile:

Here the user requires entering their personal details. However, as the app developer creates the app, he would need to create two types of profiles, the same as Airbnb; on for host and other for guests. Here the information such as phone number, email ID, name, sex, and other crucial description. Once it’s done, the profile is created; it allows you to keep a record of every customer. Hence, you can send notifications for the special offers.

icon Filters:

Once the registration process is over, the users can begin their search. Like, if a user is a tourist, then he can begin searching for suitable accommodation in their desired city as per their budget. While, in case of a host, he can give his house/villa for rent, then they must provide suitable details about it. The guest will also provide some information like room type, check-in, and check-out, no. of people, and the desired place for vacation.

iconGlobal Currency Support:

While making payments, users should be comfortable, hence for the best result, you provide a currency converter API that would convert the payment according to the chosen currency via Google currency API.

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iconVariants of Rooms to Stay:

Once the filter feature is included, next is providing a feature that provides details regarding the rooms. Thus, when guests search for a specific room, they will be presented with the best options. Usually, the guests pick rooms on the basis of images shown, room view, ratings and reviews, location, and terms & conditions.

icon Translation Feature:

This feature is really important, as it will be helpful for tourists to translate the whole information in their own language. Here, the text will be sent to Google Translator and then it will be translated into the desired language of the user.

icon Maps:

With the help of maps, the guests will able to locate that exact place of stay along with the filtration option. This would give them a rough idea about the neighboring location next to the hotel.

icon Backend:

One of the most important aspects of any app development and it is linked with the server. Not a single app can be completed without the development of the backend. However, app developers must be very cautious as well as a patient because this task is really time-consuming.


This component is linked with the map and it will start its functionality when the user chooses to stay in a location. Then this guides the user about sightseeing and other must-visit spots.

icon Messaging:

This function is important to reach your targeted audience by time-to-time communication about important matters. SMS through messenger and push notifications can be sent to the users for immediate communication.

icon Feature for Hosts:

This feature will allow the hosts to rent out their place for vacation, at a price they want to charge. They only require giving commission to the firm for each booking.

iconAdd to favorites:

This section is quite important as it allows you to know the feedback of your app from the target audience. Here, the user chooses their favorite hotel or place, and they can again search the same place in the next visit.

iconFriends Invitation:

In this feature, the user can invite his family or friends to join this mobile app.

So, How Much Does an App like Airbnb Cost to Develop?

Well, the development cost of an app like Airbnb depends on a number of features in the development process. Some of the other factors are:

icon Choice of platforms (Android or iOS)

iconNumber of persons employed in the project

icon Region of the App Development Company

icon Technical complexity and app testing

Once, all of the above factors are measured, an app with these features may cost around $12,000 to $18,000 (The cost may vary according to the features and functionalities and the size of your app). This is the approx. cost by considering all the factors. It should be different for some mobile app development company in Liverpool .


Ultimately, the cost of an app like Airbnb in development depends on the factors and features required while developing. It can be completely different from the estimation as it properly depends on you that what features and design you want to give your app. So, for developing an app like Airbnb, you should have the best features and also some unique concept because there is enough room for you and can mark your presence with your special offers and unique idea.


Akansha Pandey

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