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Twenty-nine nasty apps have been found on the Play Store with a combined download total of over 10 million, said a novel report published by Quick Heal Security Labs recently. The applications were eliminated by Google soon after. “Multi App- Uninstall Multiple Accounts Simultaneously,” one of the nasty mobile apps from this set, has surpassed 5 million installs & out of the 29 applications, 24 are from ‘HiddAd’ group that hides the icon after the first release and generate a shortcut on the home screen of the mobile phone.

As per the Quick Heal Security Labs, the reason of the applications is not to let users uninstall it with merely dragging the icon.

The company in a statement, said, “The remaining 5 apps are of ‘Adware’ category and would generally get into your Android phones through advertisements. Users see many advertisements every time they visit social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc, which promote different mobile applications.”

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“Many a time, these promoted mobile applications boast about a lot of unbelievable functionalities like X-Ray scanning. We came across a few advertisements of some interesting Android apps which claim to offer the functionality of X-Ray scanning. When we explored the App further, we found out that two such apps have crossed 1 million+ downloads already,” it added further.

The ‘Adware’ applications made up to proffer functionality of enlarging the vision; however, in actuality these show a massive promotion on user’s mobile, ultimately draining the mobile phone battery and originating serious data usage and efficiency loss.

According to the company, “Right after the launch, these applications open camera and show various options like flashlight, gallery, etc. But when a user chooses an option, these apps start full-screen ads, with no option to close or skip.”

As for Adware sort of apps, these demonstrate advertisements of various apps, such as X-Ray scanning mobile app, on social media websites like YouTube & Facebook. Quick Heal Security Labs distinguished that two applications that promised to provide X-Ray scanning functionality have crossed 1 million installs on the Play Store.

The objective of Adware application is to make colossal data usage, as well as drain the battery of users’ Smartphone. The Adware applications are apt to get into the user’s Android device via advertisements. The post added, “Right after the launch, these applications open camera and show various options like flash-light, gallery, etc. But when the user chooses an option, these apps start full-screen Ads, with no option to close or skip.”


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