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Mobile application development is quite a complicated process in itself. When it comes down to making an app for Android and IOS the process to make one may seem very similar but the truth is that which of these operating systems have their own protocols.

To be honest there are so many differences between Android and iOS, whether we talk about the technical foundations of development for the process of building an application for both of these operating systems. Apparently, both Android and iOS have their differences in terms of design and app marketing strategy. More concisely, it would be right to say that the whole concept of making an app will be dependent on your chosen operating system.


You are most likely to find these differences if you are a developer because once you switch from one operating system to another you will get to know that these systems operate under different programming languages.  So, if you are wondering what is the difference between Android and iOS, then we are glad to tell you that this article will bring you great help. So without any further ado let’s get down right into it.

Android Vs iOS App Development

The following are some differences between these platforms which is an Android app development company took the liberty to enlist down below.


Programming language

As it was mentioned about both Android and iOS platforms required different programming languages this is to be the most crucial difference among them. For instance, IOS applications running on Objective-C while Android apps on the other hand run on Java.



Whether you believe it or not but running in apps QA testing is quite an essential part of the whole mobile app development process. it is your responsibility to make sure that the app you are developing works perfectly. To carry out such tests you need to use an iOS simulator and Android emulator for respective application testing. Apparently it has been found that the iOS simulator is much faster when compared to Android emulator.

However, the Android emulator is known to be having a competitive advantage being an effective virtual Machine including CPU which makes it more realistic than iOS.


The interface

While using and developing mobile applications you will definitely find visual differences among these platforms. It is proven that the quality of iOS is better than the one on Android. To make things better in terms of design, Google did its best by implementing an app design trend which is known by the name of material design. While iOS app development, on the other hand, has always been a devoted platform towards its smooth functioning in two ways and powerful animations.


Other Major Differences Between Android and iOS app development-

Since we are talking about differences between these platforms, we have to bring out the fact the differences among these operating systems are not only detected on a technical level. In order to portray a clear differentiation between Android and IOS, we have to work on their design and marketing aspects as well.


The Cost

If you haven’t guessed it yet it is telling you that iOS app development is slightly more expensive when compared to Android. The reason being, demand for IOS applications is lower than that of Android’s  which justifies the urge of businesses to hire iOS app developers. With that being said, it has been made it obvious that the requirement for launching the application on iOS is much higher.


The Design

As mentioned above, application design is closely related to its development process. For that reason itself, an application’s design reparations of visual differentiation That depends on the choice you’ve made in terms of the operating system.

Both of these operating systems have their own interaction and style which are said to be influenced by two major companies who respectively created them. So if you are planning on making an application irrespective of its operating system, better to choose a reliable app development company.

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The concept of App Store Optimisation

This is one of those aspects which is quite different in both Android and iOS platforms. Those who don’t know, latest tell you that app store Optimisation is a process that has to be implemented while optimizing your app to position well on the app store.

In order to do so, you will have to create a more intuitive description and a title as they can make a difference in your actor rankings.



Monetization and Return of Investment

The main motive behind creating an application is to gain profits but in order to get the best return on your investment, you will have to know that this concept varies from platform to platform. It has been found that iOS is quite a promising platform as it forces users to pay for a download and they are most likely to pay without any hesitation. While Android applications are usually free to download and get monetized through the ads which are embedded in them.

Since you came this far in this article it is quite obvious that you’re looking forward to an app development project. But before you go any further, it would be better if you could look at the current market situation of smartphones.

If you are planning on penetrating deeper in the market then go for Android app development because it has the capability to provide what you want. For best possible results, we recommend you to hire Android app developers. You see, last year itself Android came out on top with the market share of approximately 74% which made it the leading operating system and apparently it jointly possesses 99% of the global market share with iOS.



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