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The previous year’s catastrophic SolarWinds cyberattacks hackers from Russia arrive with another dangerous cyberattack. Microsoft corporation has already alerted three weeks before while President Joe Biden is going to meet with Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President. Web Development ServicesIn a blog post, Microsoft stated on Thursday that this hacking team is better known as the Nobelium had already aimed at more than 150 organizations globally in the previous week. These organizations are including think tanks, non-governmental organizations, consultants, and government agencies. They have sent different phishing emails- parody messages developed to deceive people into balancing over sensitive vital data or downloading damaging applications- to greater than 3,000 email accounts, according to Microsoft. 

At least 25% of the overall aimed organizations are already intricate in multinational development, human rights work, and humanitarian stated the corporate vice president of Microsoft’s customer security and trust, Tom Burt. According to him, these attacks come as a continuation form of Nobelium’s several efforts to target various government agencies that incorporated in foreign policy as a section of intelligence-gathering efforts. 

Microsoft Alerted the U.S. of New SolarWinds Cyberattacks

The news is coming in front that, companies from at least 24 countries were their target, Microsoft opined with the U.S. adopting the extensive attacks’ share. This information has been three weeks prior identified before the Putin-Biden summit in Geneva on 16th June. This information also arrives a month after the U.S. government’s explicit statement about the SolarWinds hack originated from Russia’s SVR, a successor to the spying operation of foreign department pg the Soviet KGB. 

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