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China is all set to turn the main player in the “highly lucrative” satellite navigation market. It is on the way to compete with the Global Positioning System (GPS) of the U.S. government. However, for now, it is quite hard for China’s homegrown Beidou system to beat the U.S. GPS, opined by Craig Singleton, Hawkish Foundation for Defense of Democracies’ adjunct fellow. Get wonderful Enterprise Application services! Connect with Fluper

Singleton said China has struck a significant step in this race to enhance market share in its highly lucrative sector. This system’s completion also leads China’s position to become a world power. It renders a vital release about its technical independence starting from the West, that taking huge-ranging geopolitical implications.

Chinese Beidou system has been using by more than 120 countries that include Thailand and Pakistan for different perspectives like tracking ports traffic or in instructing any rescue operations. Beijing is trusting its huge Belt and Road Initiative to “convince” more nations to utilize their Beidou. In the previous year’s June, this Beidou system was completed. Xinhua, one major Chinese state media stated last week that this Beidou associated industries’ price is going to exceed 1 trillion yuan ($157.1 billion) by 2025. 

Satellite System of China Might Reassert its Position as a World Power

‘Bifurcated world’

Singleton stated that Beidou’s completion has renewed concerns among a few in the West about the security and privacy of Chinese technology. He also explained clearly that a few people fear Bejing might utilize its technology to monitor individuals like democracy or dissidents activists. 

These concerns have appeared as the U.S.-China competition warms in the space of technology. Under the former President of the U.S., Donald Trump represented export controls on different Chinese tech organizations such as Huawei and SMIC or Semiconductor Manufacturing International Crop. Present President Joe Biden has also retained many restrictions of the Trump-era on Chinese organizations. Biden is looking for increment investments in the U.S. research and development as his nation could develop tech capabilities to compete with China.     

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