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Stadia finally came to iPhone and iPad with its new web beta! This enables all the Stadia users to access their Stadia game library from any Apple devices. Most importantly, Stadia user on free tier or Stadia Pro subscription, both the users have the permission to access from any Apple device for playing games.

Google Stadia finally makes its way to iOS-CTA

Apple has certain restrictions on cloud gaming apps, so just like other cloud services Google also uses mobile Safari. This doesn’t allow Stadia to exist in the current form I the App store. In order to access Stadia you have to go on its website.

Google Stadia provides a free trial without restrictions and also offers two free-to-play games with more to offer. So, anyone having a Gmail account can try out Stadia on an iPhone or iPad.

Google Stadia finally makes its way to iOS

Stadia not only have a free tier and free-to-play games but also have access to high profile holiday releases like the recent one Cyberpunk 2077. This brings Stadia to a much different place than it was at its launch.

Google Stadia is experiencing a momentum today due to iOS support. This has turned to be working remarkably well on Stadia with all built-in touch controls. The touch controls can’t be recommended for any particular and accurate input but they perform well for simple tasks.

Nonetheless, iOS support opens a lot of avenues for Google Stadia. It includes helping it become a robust mobile gaming solution, promote cloud gaming and making games which fit the mobile screen size.  iOS support has indeed been of great help for Google Stadia!

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Google Stadia finally makes its way to iOS-CTA

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