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Researchers are combining chaos and nonlinear physics to create insect-like gaits for robots. It completes with a locomotion controller to provide a brain-machine interface. Fundamentally grounded in nonlinear physics, biology and physics are spread across by universal phenomena. The researchers now describe using a system of three nonlinear differential equations as a building block for central pattern generators (CPG’s) to control the gait of a robotic insect.

Create insect-like gaits for robots in a ‘Chaotic’ way-CTA

Phenomena related to synchronization allow creating very simple networks that generate complex rhythmic patterns. The researchers started with a basic network in which each is associated with one leg. Changing the gait or creating a new one can be accomplished by simply making small changes.

This work shows that ‘Rossler’ system can be used beyond its intricate properties to construct a bio-inspired locomotion controller for an insect robot. Their controller is built with an electroencephalogram to enable a brain-computer interface.

The researchers tap into the fundamental ideas of nonlinear dynamics twice. First, they use them to decode biological activity, then in the opposite direction to generate bio-inspired activity.

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Such experiments give a boost to researchers, science and technology. Robot technology is being explored by various means by the researchers. Thorough research and innumerable experiments bring perfection in the new technology derived to make any devices more efficient.


Create insect-like gaits for robots in a ‘Chaotic’ way-CTA

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