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The world has changed dramatically and the dependency of people on smartphones is limitless. In the era of digitization, almost 20 to 25 startups are commenced monthly and the common thing in these startups is the lack of budget. Therefore, whatever budget one can afford should use it wisely to gain optimum output.Pick and Drop App DevelopmentThere are already over 2.7 billion smartphone users worldwide and the revenue generated by android apps every year is significantly in billions. So, if you are planning for a startup or have one, it is high time to switch to the Android-based development as it is easy to maintain Android as compared to iOS.

Let me give you a clearer view of the booming possibilities of Android apps. Going by the numbers, according to the mobile app development stats, there are currently 2.8 million apps available on Android’s Google Play Store with 95% of them free to download. Drawing comparisons with the Play Store, the Apple App Store has only 2.2 million apps to download. Depending on these numbers, it could be wisely said that the market of Android is always on an exponential rise, and no wonder Android is a booming development industry.

Get A Detailed View On Why Android Development Is The Best For Startups

But what factors make Android standout from the rest for being termed as the best for startups? Let us understand this briefly.

Android Gives Extensive Opportunities

The stats mentioned above clearly suggests that the Android market is on a booming stage and the future looks bright. People are more inclined towards Android rather than any other platform. Therefore, it is better to run your startup or SME on Android.

For this, you need to hire an android developer who works towards building a custom application that fits your business requirements and budget.

Higher Productivity

The Android app comprises a large number of code libraries available which helps developer’s save a significant amount of time. If time is saved, the productivity automatically rises and also you can develop feature-rich applications from scratch.

Higher ROI

With higher productivity, higher returns on investments is also a case with android. As android is an open-source platform, its development cost is on the lower side and allows the developers to access development tools and SDK for free.

The market is also flourished with Android app developers, therefore the startups or SMEs should not miss out on investing in the app marketing and experienced resources. These factors eventually help in attaining higher profits and a higher ROI.

A Plethora of Opportunities

Startups and risks follow the same track. Whether it is commencing a business or promoting it, startups have their challenges. However, things could change by investing in Android application development and the hiring of Android app developers.

By doing this, a startup can create an android app that is effective in targeting users and is more scalable. This also helps in obtaining feedback about business solutions easily.

Creating an App is Easy and Fast

With the help of the code library, it is easy to code on the Android platform which means, applications can be created swiftly as compared to web application development.

A development company will focus on to hire android app developers for a startup to get through this step with efficiently. This will also help your startup to obtain quicker returns on investment.

Avail all the necessary resources with ease

Going ahead with Android app development, most of the resources are easily available which falls under your budget. The android development SDK is already available for the developers and they can easily make use of their code libraries.

Interoperability and compatibility

The complexity of the application may arise when it can’t be used on cross-platforms. Handling operations need a mobile business app that is compatible and interoperable on other devices.

The Android based systems have proven successful in the interoperation with the applications on cross-platforms and its compatibility standards are already high.

Provides Better Marketing Options

The best part about Android apps is that it is not only limited to the Google Play Store, but one can also download an android application from the web. The Android app developers can submit their apps to third-party platforms obviously after verifying them so that their apps are available to users on a variety of platforms.

The Google Play in itself helps the developers in selecting a variety of marketing strategies that it offers. Besides, the Google Play Store also witnesses thousands of users every day that means the apps available there enjoy higher visibility.


Whether it is an android tablet application or a mobile app, Android is the highly preferred industry in the market whose future looks bright.

For startups, the budget and allocation of funds are limited, and therefore, they should opt for the technique which best suits their pocket and have some weightage in the market. In this regard, opting for Android could be the smartest choice.


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