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Dubai is surely one of the beautiful cities in the gulf and has immense business opportunities. Fluper gets most of its business from UAE and that’s what encourages to keep growing every year. The geographical location of the city has made it the hub for trading and implementing business to go global with all the advanced and extensive business services at one place. Infrastructure is another glow that attracts people have their business reach this city which is also one of the safest cities in the world and has adventures outskirts.

Fluper, for the very first time, is going to have client interaction in the city instead of reaching them remotely about their web and mobile app development needs . One of the key reasons for taking this visit was confirmed by the CEO himself.

In conversation with Anshul Sharma, CEO Fluper. I, Bnila Chambial Technical Content Writer @ FLUPER got chance to ask few questions regarding his plans for this business trip.

Bnila: What is the main objective behind this visit ?
Anshul: The main objective is to set up a new office in Bur Dubai Although we already have an office space existing but this time i m here to extend it so that the branding of the mobile app can be taken care of exclusively in India as well as Dubai.
Bnila: How are you planning to set up a new office in Dubai ?
Anshul: We already have the best location i.e Bur Dubai which is surrounded majorly by indians and is situated in the middle so that everyone can easily reach the exact address without any route failure. The entire sales and marketing team will be established in Dubai itself and clients can get their applications customized.
Bnila: How will this business trip benefit the potential and existing clients
Anshul: The trip is actually all about the client interactions. As we have a huge client base in Dubai and have been recoganized as the number one mobile app development company of Dubai by GoodFirms, it actually calls for a face to face interaction to understand the doubts if clients have any and hear the ideas of the potential clients.
Bnila: What are the “work in progress” services that clients can look forward to ?
Anshul: Fluper was previously focusing on the development only but now we are expanding the brand upliftment services of our company so that the clients get it all under one roof and not worry about the third party involvement for promotions.

Our CEO is available for 8 days and all the aspiring business minds are invited to share the possibilities of their idea in the market with technology. He will walk you through the execution of your B-plan.

Hurry!!! take a prior appointment to avoid the waiting for your turn…contact @ [email protected] and you can also ping on +91-9811214178

Stay tuned with FLUPER for further updates!!!

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