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What if you can play with Zombies or the ghosts in virtual reality and cant just get them out of your mind and your subconscious mind tells you at night that someone is knocking on your door. Wooow …. creep alert. Check out these VR mobile applications and if you don’t have a VR device well, get one because scary is the new fun.

1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The resident evil is the horror virtual reality gaming application in which you start the game as a first person with a name Ethan Winters now this person is in search of his wife Mia and which leads him to bushy and not properly maintained property which is inhabited by the Baker family. Now Ethan has to fight them all and owns a set of weapons and a humanoid of a bacteria to beat the family, the different stages involve puzzles to move forward in the game. The player controls the first person perspective, Ethan Winters who is a civilian but can make use of weapons earned by him to fight against the Baker family.
Compatible with: Xbox, PlayStation, VR headset. 

2. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

This VR application is for the first timers who would want to explore the horror genre because this application follows a traditional frightening method with the game just like the ghost house you might have visited in a mall near you and you see objects popping out on your way and creepy sounds at the background. Honestly, this application lacks the fear factor component so if you refused to see the movie Grudge just go ahead and play this game.
Compatible with: PlayStation 4 and Sony VR headset

3. A Chair in a room: Greenwater

Living alone at home beats the bejesus out of you and if you are an explorer who likes to stay home alone will love to have a virtual experience with this psychic application. When the game starts you wake up in a room with a chair with no idea of how you got there, there is a place in Greenwater institute where you are a patient numbered 6079 and the time you call the elevator the game begins and you can find out what happened to you, how you got there. The game has six chapters in total which are 20 to 30 minutes long and provides an interval during the game. It can be entitled as a mystically psychic gaming application.
Compatible with: HTC vive, Microsoft Windows

4.Doom 3: BFG Edition with VR mod

We have seen such games before a man with a gun in his hand trying to shoot anything he sees while approaching forward. Why I have it on my list of horror games because the VR mod of this game freaks you out when the zombies approach you out of nowhere and you have to aim it right to kill them.
Compatible with: All the platforms

5. HordeZ

This application is somewhat similar to the Doom game where you have to kill Zombies and is a quite lengthy game. The scariest part is that a group of people is going to enter a room full of dead people with just one weapon in hand.
Compatible with: Stream VR, HTC vive, Oculus Rift

6. Raw Data

Raw data is a sci-fi game where Eden cooperation is ruling the world with its robotic army and your job is to extract as much as data as you can from everywhere because it contains the information that might end the world.The scary element is the robot graphics which are non-humanly faces that they bear. The environment design predicts the 2271 era in Tokyo where the robots will be fighting you and your objective is to collect the raw data.
Compatible with: HTC vive

7. Emily wants to Play

This mobile app development for virtual reality mode has been done interestingly creepy which has a haunted house of the girl and her three toys and the player is the pizza delivery boy who comes across this house on his last delivery for the night.  The trick for survival is to come up with a game to keep playing with the little girl Emily because she wants to play.
Compatible with: Playstation 4, Xbox and VR headsets

8. The Brookhaven Experiment

The world is full of monsters and there are not many people left on the earth each place you visit is empty or full of monsters in your town and can finish them with the weapons which have limited bullets now you are the shooter. To save yourself shoot as many monsters as you can and acquire more bullets by clearing the levels. The comic elements in this game are that in extreme scary situations with minimum bullets and maximum monsters, the shooter might pee in his/her pants.
Compatible with: HTC vive, PlayStation 4, VR headsets

9. Arizona Sunshine

The virtual reality through your eyes is a gone concept whats new is in this application where motion sensors are used to move your hands in the virtual reality to access the inventory and the environment. The application supports locomotion that means a person can roam around freely in an empty room. It is quite cool to not deal with your problems and just snap out of it for a  moment and enjoy.
Compatible with: All platforms

10. Ghost Town Mine Ride and Shooting Gallery

This game made to the last in the list because its kind of partially scary with an old-fashioned track shooting place but the environment ahead has a creepy amusement park. The animated characters in the virtual reality space are more than enough to haunt you.
Compatible with: HTC vive and VR headsets.

 Note: Don’t waste time going through your app store because FLUPER team has compiled and tested the following scariest applications to blow your mindContact Fluper

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