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Here we are back with the week’s top five Android applications and games that are already storming the social media sites. Android application development companies are prompt enough to come up with new concepts and bringing new updates to the existing apps.

Now, are you active enough to keep updated with the latest launches or still figuring out which one is heading the editor’s choice list?

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To help you, let’s have a brief insight into the last week’s Android apps and games which users are indulging mostly in:

  • Check out the recent Facebook posts and random posts of their facial profile featured in comparison to some notable person’s profile hit you. People are going bonkers with the Google Arts and Culture application and are busy finding out which notable character matches them. Machine learning used by Google to bring out the facial similarities but the Great News is that it is FREE of cost.
  • For all the aspiring witches and wizards, ‘Harry Porter: Hogwarts Mystery’ is the perfect application to disappear amidst the mysteries and charms of Hogwarts. This is a gaming application, which is soon to enter the app stores designed for the Android and iOS developers alike.
  • New update releases for Twitch, which is a live social video platform devoted to gaming where live streams of video games are easily viewable along with chatting options with other streamers and viewers at the same time. There are other features as well. Now, about the new updates added, there is one with new video creator tool, which gives more power to the creators. Check Out the application to find out more!!
  • Square Enix: Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is a new game that has just entered the Google Play store. The game features JRPG mechanics coupled up with freemium mechanics. It pairs well with the new Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The launch is sometime in the nearest future.
  • YouTube is heading for a complete makeover with its brand new monetizing model. The week-gone-by has been quite promising. It is expanding the subscription figures to a whopping 1000 and 400,000 hours of watched content every year. However, it is seen tightening on rules around partner program and raise the bar for the channel/creator to meet in order to monetize the videos. Enforceable from February existing channels need to qualify the eligibility criteria to continue earning from ads. Now trashy and recycled contents have to be super careful. Check out if your favorite shows do not disappear from the channel.

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Now you have the week-gone-by’s list of popular applications and games that have already drawn quite an attention to themselves from the users. You can easily witness their popularity such as ‘Google Arts and Culture’ application, which is filling up Facebook’s homepages with posts of users matching up with their profiles to that of historical characters’ contour. Top-rated mobile app development companies similar to Fluper juggle with creative ideas to come up with engaging applications and they keep uploading in the Play store. So stay TUNE to our site to keep yourself  posted with news on new apps and games as well as the timely updates made in the existing ones.

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