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Well, According to the reports, the Android 11 Beta was at first planned to launch in June, but this year, the global crisis changed all the things, and Google changed its plan for a software update. But after a long wait time finally, Google has now released the Android 11 beta first for Pixel users, leaving an adequate period to fix the loopholes out before it drops the update out for other Android devices later this year. As per reports, the Beta Launch of the Android 11 which was earlier decided to take place on June 3 but it delayed due to the killing of George Floyd various protests in the US. After this, Google postponed the launch On June 10, and finally released Android 11 through various short-form videos and web pages.

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The launch date of Android 11 being released

Well, as we know, the Beta version of Android is out now, and the public version of this update will come in September. There are various presentations and update events for 2020 that Google has scheduled for this year. Instead of a big online reveal on 3 June in 2020, Google planned to shift its announcement and made the Android beta accessible on 11th June. As far as the stable version of the update is concerned, it will be available later this year in September. With every update in the marketplace, the android market is growing at a fast pace, and thus, businesses are looking for Android tablet development companies that offer them best-customized solutions.

Here in this blog, we are going to deep dive into a few features that you will enjoy after downloading this Android 11.

Native screen recording feature:

This time Google has added some screen recording features that will make the update more classic. The built-in screen recorder integrated into the Android helps users to record the screen.

This feature is available in the Android 11 beta version, and it confirms the feature will launch this year. This assures that the stable version of this update will include this screen recorder that is a much-awaited feature.

During video notification muting: 

Most of the time, people get disturbed with notifications while playing videos. Well, this time Android is coming with a muting notification feature while watching videos.

Better touch sensitivity:

This time the Google has added much more sensitivity in its Android 11. Most of the time, we use screen protectors to safeguard our phone’s display. This feature will add much more sensitivity” to your device touch screen. If you use a screen guard, this should end in less missed taps and scrolls.

Unlock with Face option:

It will surely add more security to your Android device as several users are waiting for this feature to come. This time Android 11 offer users the ability to unlock the device with eyes. This might make unlock less competent, but it will surely make your mobile phone more protected.

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Revamp in the notification: 

When you download Android 11, you can see the newest message in your notification under a fresh Conversations label. This way you don’t have any confusion, and you can check the new messages easily. The best thing is that you can compose your messages more interactively. Now you can send picture messages right from the notification.

Voice Access features This time Google has added some unique features in Android 11 that will make it a huge success. The Upgraded capabilities help users to perform various actions using voice access feature. With this, you can read the things on your screen.

Upgraded Dark mode: 

The dark mode feature was introduced in Android 10, but this time the tech giant has added a new feature in its Android 11 dark mode feature. The device will automatically activate or deactivate the mode depending on the time of day. It is a Context-aware feature integrated into Android.


In addition to the above, there are several other features that Google has integrated into its Android 11. All the features, out there boost the user experience for sure, if available in the stable version of Android 11. Moreover to this, if you are planning to hire an android app developer for your project, then Fluper is a top-rated android application development company. We have several years of experience in developing intuitive applications that efficiently transform your business. Our mobile app developers use proven strategies to make your app successful one while transforming, your app idea into a flourishing app. For more details, please feel free to contact us anytime.DisclaimerMobile App Development Company in Singapore

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