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Celebrating March 8, 2018, as the International women’s day gives due recognition to their achievements throughout history and across nations. Today men outnumbered women by 66 million in world’s population. Irrespective of the fact that women play the most vital role in the society yet her biologically frail structure have made the members of the opposite gender undermine her true strength. Top iOS application developers like Fluper salute the immeasurable fortitude and stoicism of the women folk around the world. Respecting the true strength, the app developers have come up with certain applications, which are dedicated solely for their entertainment and safety.

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Feminism motivated the Android and iPhone app development in Dubai as well as nations across the universe and the outcome is in the shape of ten such must-have apps that offer security, entertainment and beautify the womenfolk of not only UAE but also those around the world.

women mobile app

  • The Entertainer, available for both the Android as well as iOS users, has won the 4.4 rating in the Google Play store. Women are reputed as the biggest spenders and this application is the ideal one for them. It is a lifestyle saving application with offers for choicest restaurants, spas, gyms along with leisure attractions, travel destinations etc. Validity lasting for 7 days, one can share the word with others.
  • Uber-like Taxi mobile applications assure safe ride to their destination even in the wee hours of the day and night. Book a cab with a mere touch of the smartphone screen and enjoy ride cashless courtesy e-payment gateways.
  • Women are social butterflies and taking the perfect selfie concludes their social responsibility. Facetune is the ideal application that arrests the features in the snap to perfection. Lighten the skin tone, whiten the teeth, erase wrinkles, and reshape the face as well as many another editing to create a masterpiece out of the clicks.
  • If visiting UAE, why not book an appointment with a salon? BEEM is the fabulous salon appointment application within UAE to beautify anytime and from anywhere.
  • Women are multitaskers indulging in different tasks around the clock. They definitely require a to-do-list to schedule their tasks and set reminders too. You-Doo defines the perfect proximity based assistant for working women and homemakers to setup GPS locations where they frequently perform tasks
  • For the many spendthrift users and superwomen, Spending Tracker is yet another personal finance application to track and maintain the record of the money spent on different tasks.
  • Few women have the habit of jotting down important points here and there for future reference. OneNote is that platform where critical tasks of the day are easily entered along with relevant images as well as videos and voice notes for further reference to share across devices.
  • Working across devices, Fightback assures women safety at any point in time during the day and night. Technology like GPS, GPRS, SMS, Emails and even social media sites such as Facebook to inform the victim’s friends of their predicament. The ‘panic button’ in the app when pressed uses the portal page to forward the distressed individual’s location on Google map as a Facebook update. SOS emergency messages are also sent across to offer them immediate aid.
  • Eyewatch Police is yet another easy-to-use women safety application that fetches help for victims in real-time. Smartphone-based surveillance designed especially to safeguard women in acute danger as offered by the app. The SOS message is shared across to the police control room on pressing the designated button. Police then access the video of the user’s exact location through his phone camera.
  • My SafetiPin is also an application designed only to guarantee women safety. The application comes in handy especially when the user is traveling to an unknown destination. Based on the safety score of a particular locality, it sends alerts to the female user on the unsafe condition of the location. Friends or parents are also invited to track the user down. Moreover, the safest route is easily identified from one place to another alternative to the usual yet unsafe track to follow.

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Wrap up

Intellectuals and all those who strongly believe in gender equality might fight against celebrating a single day for the women when celebration can occur any day in the calendar. To them, the answer will be that at least there is one particular day in the calendar that remembers women in particular. The unaccountable tasks that they perform silently throughout the day without a single word of complaint, why not make one day special for them? Why not develop the application solely for them?

The endless crimes committed against the female gender in recent times finally have the companies and top-rated mobile application development companies in Dubai rethink and redesign apps that jointly fight against such criminals. Therefore, on this International Women’s Day let us pledge with the mobile developers to make more women safety apps to keep them safe when others are in deep slumber.


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