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IT has touched billions of lives by providing strong foundation on which other industries are building skyscrapers. Medicine is one of such sectors which has hugely benefited from the computing world in recent years. The healthcare arena today, has huge data the is being received through various channels. But the future is even more promising. New innovations in IT like IoT, AI and machine learning is transforming the healthcare industry to a whole new ecosystem, where connected devices and human body will be the new clinic of the doctor. Along with the mobile platform, the apps are also joining hands in the new mission. Many mobile app development companies have launched health care apps.

These technologies and apps provide an insight of the body as well as insights to the technological systems. In a way this is a symbiotic relationship where IT industry seeks expansion and innovation in exchange of better working and efficiency from the medicine industry.

Let’s have a look at what are some of the cognitive computing contributions to the healthcare.

Internet of Body (IoB)

Sounds like Internet of Things (IoT), isn’t it, it is. In fact, IoB is a sub set of IoT, the devices and sensors that are attached to the human body and transmit data to the mobile devices comes under the category of IoB. These sensors collect the data regarding blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen exchange, blood sugar level and even hormones.

This data is stored in the physical memory or in cloud storage so that your doctor and dear one’s can see your health indicators in real time. Data like this can be very crucial if anyone has serious health issues. Many apps from top rated mobile app development companies provide such facilities.

Data Mining


Like in every other field, accessing the right data at the right time is very important in healthcare. Searching for medical journals, case histories and case studies are vital for any doctor to understand the problem better and more quickly. Here data mining comes handy, it lets the doctors to search the right content for study the problem.

Combining the data mining with machine learning and AI is even better. AI acts as force multipliers for searching the content in a database. This helps in smooth and swift proliferation of the knowledge of the latest medical research and knowledge on the anti-bodies for the new viruses.

Mobile Apps


We cannot neglect the power and potential of apps, not even in healthcare industry. Many apps are there on different app stores that are changing the face of healthcare apps. Along with Cognitive Computing they are even more effective. You can get any service that you can think of on these apps. From contacting a doctor to search for medical stores or even ordering medicines right from home, you cannot just overcome them. Here is list of top health related apps that are available in India

  • Practo
  • NetMeds
  • Portea
  • Lybrate

The Bottom Line

With Cognitive Computing, medicine industry is now changing and it will be completely reinvented in the near future. This will also help the millions of people all round the world who are in search of affordable and effective health care services. And in a country like India, where there is scarcity of doctors, this is a “must have”.

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