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App development industry is getting more and more competitive and there is no sign of backtrack in this trend. Even the top iOS app development companies in India struggles to match up with the growing competition from the rivals. The scenario for the new app developers is even worse, though the successful apps are grossing money, but getting your app up there in the list is not as easy as it looks.

Thousands of the apps are released on Apple App Store by thousands of developers every day. And hitting the sweet spot as not common in all of them. Most of them commit common mistakes that ruins their future plans and career as a whole.  And if you are planning to join the group or you are new in the iOS app development community, then you must look into this blog, so as to avoid top mistakes committed while developing a mobile app.

Not Targeting the Right Audience

The most common mistake committed by most of the developers is neglecting the targeted user base and pitching for the complete user community. This is self-destructing strategy as it is not possible to satisfy the complete user community with just a single app, because there is huge diversity in the users. They have variety of usage, preferences and likings.

Therefore, as a developer you must understand that it is not possible to hit all the users at once. Instead you must get a strategy to fragment the users and hit the right audience only. This way you will be able to maximize the customer satisfaction and if this is your first app, then you will be benefited by less angry users. And you can improve yourself by learning from your mistakes here.

iconRepeated Ideas

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Hitting the market with unique idea is advisable if not mandatory. But copying someone else’s idea is a blunder that can harm you badly. Moreover, copying other app can cause you to face legal actions if the copied material falls under Copyright Act Law. And if you don’t have a better UI and performance of the app that you are copying, it simply won’t work.

Take the case of WhatsApp, it was a unique approach when launched. Later many apps tried to take the advantage of the market like WeChat, Line and Viber but none of them can match the popularity of the original app. although many chatting apps offers more features and better UI but yet WhatsApp is the leading chat app not only in India but also all over the world.


Skipping the Test

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With the time line pressure, many developers and top iOS app development companies in India are always in a hurry to develop the app. And in this hurry, they either miss the test stage or don’t pay enough attention to this. And this can be fatal mistake. Because of this they don’t get to know about the flaws and loopholes in the app. this not only disturbs the performance of the app but also it hampers the image of the developer in front of the potential users.

Post sales performance depends on the proper testing of the app, and the test are advised to be performed by anyone but the developer himself. Testing the app by himself will lead to a perfect app on paper, but once it lands on the app store, it will fail badly.


Less Marketing

Mobile Application Development

It’s a myth that once app development is done and app is launched, you are done. Now days there are millions of apps and billions of users in the world. And therefore, to let your potential customers to know about your app is not a luxury but a necessity. Although main job of the developer is to code the app and do the technical part, but it is essential to market the app as well. Top iOS app development companies in India have dedicated teams for marketing, whereas new developers focus on free marketing. App Store Optimisation is the key factor that need to be kept in mind while marketing the app, this way users will be able to search your app on the app store more easily.

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    I think Android Development is much better as compared to iOS development. Because the market of Android is very big and open.

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