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Google is now updating Chrome for Android users where they can easily manage permissions for each site they visit through it. Besides this updated site permission controls, Chrome for Android is also getting Site Isolation improvements to protect users from malicious websites in a much better and enhanced way. Chrome has undergone various significant changes including some new options to make privacy and security management more simplified and elaborative.

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Chrome for iOS has been already updated with the ability to protect Incognito tabs with biometric authentication. iOS users have also been provided with support to take full page screen shots. You can now tap the lock icon at the left side of the Chrome address bar to get updated site permission controls for Android devices. Using these controls, you can easily customize permissions that you have granted for each site. Tapping the lock button, you can also toggle between sharing and not-sharing access to things like locations and camera. Not only this, Google is also planning to bring a feature through which you will get an option for “Forget the site” from your browser history in Chrome. This will allow the browser to reset permissions as well as clear cookies and site data with a single tap.

In addition to the updated permission controls, Google is expanding its Site Isolation on Chrome for Android with two improvements that are aimed to protect users from more malicious sites. The Site Isolation feature enables the browser to process each site separately so that any malicious sites wouldn’t be able to access data from other sites open on the device. Google has already expanded Chrome actions that are meant to let you access browser’s features directly from its address bar. Google has also brought a new Discover design on the New Tab Page to let you explore your interests more easily. Settings, History, and Bookmarks have also been visually redesigned to offer more visibility and secured browsing options for users.IOT App Development

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