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The difference between Android and iOS mobile devices is considered both a curse and blessings for organizations to configure their apps. Though the development of iOS and Android apps supports you to get a huge user base, the prolonged timeline development costs several technical issues and is much expensive. 

React Native is one most widely used and famous solutions for such cross-platform app development complexities. It is now considered a vital stage for OTT strategy and other valuable objectives. Unlike conventional non-OTT app development, where Android and Apple command the market with more than 99% market share, moreover, this OTT space has got much more splintered. Media brands need to allow some of the biggest Android and iOS famous platforms to develop their OTT apps like Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PS4, Smart TVs, and Xbox. 

At the time of configuring numerous codebases, cross-platform app development permits brands to place their apps on different platforms operating a single codebase, instead of building the app several times using the old native technology for all platforms. Facebook has developed an alternative one, React Native which is an open-source mobile application framework.

Various media enterprises are giving much priority and developing OTT cross-platform app development in their resource allocation and budgeting. Hence, we would like to give a deep eye into this React Native App Development process while focusing on the benefits and back draws of this open-source cross-platform and identify how it will play a vital role for today’s OTT brands. 

Before finding the original importance of React Native app development, we should go through the basic difference between the OTT Native app and OTT React Native app development to understand the whole thing in a better way. So let’s have a glance at these-

OTT Native App Development:

Native app development refers to a determined innovative team of developers who will develop an OTT app for a particular device, OS, or platform.  Hence, if you are willing to run your OTT app on both Android and iOS devices then you will require separate codebases for both these OS versions. This code is very unique and specific that you cannot use or share with each other. These codebases should be ensured to be upgradable, clinically examined, and individually maintained. This is the reason why Native App Development is expensive and time-taking.  

If you think about its benefit, then we can say it is a highly customized product with a specifically tailored user experience, wonderful platform as well as user demographics that provide users the supreme experience. 

OTT React Native App Development:

One of the most famous emerging OTT cross-platform app development solutions is React Native because of its flexibility, speed, and reliability. With this app development solution, developers only need to develop one codebase that will perform around all platforms and devices that you are looking for. 

It comes as a one-size-fits-all approach for media platforms where you don’t require to invest the bulk amount of money and employ OS-specific app developers. There is only one codebase that is tested, upgradable, and well-maintained. Companies can go through its development method to release OTT apps on Smart TVs, mobile devices, or game consoles at a time. However, the only main drawback is it does not support Roku. Hence, you will have to go for a separate codebase platform to run on Roku’s app development framework. 

3 Major Pros and Cons of React Native App Development:

There are a plethora of reasons behind using this innovative React Native app development process but it also has some major disadvantages which suggest us why we should not use this. Below we will highlight 3 vital benefits of React Native App Development process. So without wasting any more words let’s get into it straightly. 

Pros or Advantages

  • Robust Open-Source Community:

It seems to React Native processes the best of both things: a prospering open-source project with a giant tech organization like Facebook’s backing. This open-source feature allures most of the app developers who are skilled and crazy about open-source applications. Till the 2019’s July, on GitHub, the React Native repository was stood as the 14th most starred repository. 

Facebook, the original developer of React Native is still stays committed to its framework’s success. It creates a good sign for its upcoming updates. This tech giant has developed and utilized it to make its famous Marketplace product along with the latest features including Crisis Response and Privacy Shortcuts. 

  • Reusable Code:

We have seen that Native app development demands a separate writing code to run every single platform. But React Native facilitates you to use your code one time and you can resume it on all platforms. This simple customizable process frequently bridges the gap between the code areas. This app development process enables your app development team to share programs between platforms.  

  • Cost-Effective:

As React Native arrives as an open-source framework, is charges free for all different projects whether it is commercial or personal. Additionally, if you are thinking to launch both iOS and Android apps, applying React Native could also help you in cutting development costs. Your app developers can make it at half cost because they don’t need to place all features for both OS versions individually. 

Moreover, you will never give much time and money to find out its app developers if you outsource it from a third-party app developer. You will get specialized and highly skilled app developers of React Native app quite easily.  

Cons or Disadvantages

  • Unable to Work on Roku: 

As earlier mentioned, React Native will not act on Roku. Roku needs its own OTT apps to develop using BrightScript and SceneGraph, their own proprietary language and framework. At the time it might not be the world’s end for a few brands, which thinks that Roku is combating for the leading position in terms of a worldwide user base.  

  • Issues Related to Open-Source:

If you compare alternative paths to developing mobile apps, React Native is yet a fresh choice. On project work, it moves fast, and app developers are successively launching new framework versions which might not agree with different dependencies. Hence, applying React Native needs a team of tech-savvy prfessionals that can keep things updated according to the recent developments.   

  • User Experience Lacks Customizability:

React Native app development codes are made for all platforms or devices, therefore you will lose the access to tailor all apps for its individual platform. You will be unable to grasp your app to get the most of each platform’s separate features. 

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