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In the world full of mobile apps, it is tough to maintain a global presence. However, you all have heard about a popular advertisement phrase, “An idea can change your life”, and this is true when it comes to the mobile apps. It is a major fact that current digital environment is very app-focused and roughly, 90% of mobile time is spent using mobile apps. Regardless, with 3.8 million Android apps on Google Play and 2 million in App Store, I have wondered what mobile applications people may still miss in the coming time! In this blog, I have come up with some Brilliant Ideas You Must See Before Launching Mobile Apps In 2019 all across the internet that have suggested by users Hope you find the best app idea to build in 2019!!

Without any doubt, it can be said that mobile has nowadays become the synonym of growth, where businesses with no mobile apps are very less likely to continue to grow in the future. In the year 2017, mobile phone sales last year increased by 58%, which means that the number of people involved in digital interactions is growing every day.

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The leading online statistics, market research and business intelligence portal Statista has released a report, which presents information on the projected mobile app revenues from 2015 to 2020.

Brilliant Ideas You Must See Before Launching Mobile Apps In 2019

As per the statistics given here, global mobile app revenues amounted to 69.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2015. Until the end of 2020, mobile apps are estimated to generate 188.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenues through app stores and in-app advertising.

Considering the above figures, it can be said that the coming years represent huge opportunities for iOS and Android app developers worldwide. A smooth mobile application is easier to use and looks much better than a mobile website. Therefore, the mobile app development business is so good that almost every developer in the world is trying to make money in this field. If you want to develop an impeccable app for your business, then it’s high time to hire the best app developers to convert your idea into reality!

Brilliant Ideas You Must See Before Launching Mobile Apps In 2019

But before you hire top app development companies, you need to determine which idea will bring you more benefits and revenue, as well as increase the engagement of your users in a short period of time. Here, I have listed top 6 brilliant ideas of mobile apps to launch in 2019. Have a look-

Brilliant Ideas You Must See Before Launching Mobile Apps In 2019

          Restaurant Reservation/Booking

One of the popular ideas that can expand your business steadily is for a restaurant reservation app. Yes, its true that there are several food delivery apps are available but still, when you have a good mood for dinner with your loved one and you do not want to spoil it. In this case, how about using an app that quickly presents you with all the options to choose from? Trust me, this will be amazing! This type of application, designed to meet the requirements of unplanned dinners, will help users book a table at nearby restaurants, together with a mapping of accessible pubs and events.

         Gift delivery and Online Flower

It’s your parent’s anniversary, but you are far away from them, what to do? An online flower and gift-delivering app is the perfect way to make them happy! With this type of app, you can schedule deliveries for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries of your family, friends, relatives or anyone else. The app will automatically choose the beautiful flowers/gift and place an order for home delivery to them on your behalf. You only need to connect with a top app development company to give users the opportunity to place an online order that is delivered directly to the recipient’s address on the mentioned time.

         Dating/Search for partners

In this digital era, people are spending a lot of time on their smartphones. It keeps them engaging and connects users with their loved ones. So, why not use it to find your partner? Having a mobile application that makes it easier for you to find a partner is one of the viable ideas of mobile applications. You can develop an application that imports users from active media platforms and allow two people to search for compatibility. Currently, users very much interact with such applications, so success is guaranteed.

         Virtual Interior Designer App

The name says it all! It is well known that hiring an interior designer is pretty much costly for the customers. A virtual designer mobile app will allow users to take a picture of your room and visualize it with various available design options, like colors, objects, wall stickers, curtains, etc. i.e. suggested via this app. It will also recommend users about the places from where they can buy these interior items.

         Health Monitoring App

This is one of the most beneficial apps that you can create to gain maximum user attention. One a user is registered, health inspection and monitoring app will keep track of your health records, clinic visits, and illness history. Moreover, it will keep track and alerts you of your regular health checkup appointments along with doctor’s number. You can even get a consultation to your doctor with chat messaging feature.

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        Public Transport Information

A public transport app that will have all the information together with the schedule, different routes, timings, conditions, etc., of public transport services in a particular city or area. With this app, users can easily find the most suitable transport option for them in a specific situation. Moreover, this will also save the time of the customer if they are in a hurry to go outside.

Wrapping Up

In this competitive mobile app world, chasing good app ideas to simplify and brighten lives is open-ended. I am sure that the above ideas may inspire you to get started. Why wait? Grab it up before anyone else implements the idea you are dreaming of. Also, if you have questions on how to build an amazing app, you can get in touch with Fluper and explore our range of app development services!

Brilliant Ideas You Must See Before Launching Mobile Apps In 2019



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