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Have you ever noticed that the number of entrepreneurs and startup ventures have increased in recent times?? There is a craze going around among today’s youth wherein each person aspires to own his or her startup venture. However, this is an undeniable fact and that is opening a venture is not everybody’s cup of cake. Not to worry!! The top mobile application development companies are the ultimate wizards, ready with their wand to immediately drop an application to match the urgent requisites of the prospective entrepreneurs. And, there is quite a list of different types of applications out there in the market that match up the different requirements covering startups across different verticals.

Let’s explore three best apps for startup businesses in details to help out the many aspirants out there:

We have:

Startup CEO App is a joint venture of EduRev and Jaarvis Accelerator designed with the purpose to aid an entrepreneur to move through the complete startup journey commencing with idea validation to discovering a co-founder to outlining a business plan, a formation of a team, raise funds and ultimately establish a successful business operation. Available on Google Play store for free, the app offers an entire compiled list of more than 100 investors’ contact details along with professional guidance from entrepreneurs such as Paul Graham, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk and Vijay Shekhar Sharma to name a few. The application lists the following features:

  • Validation of ideation through a series of knowledgeable insights along with video tutorials to guide the beginners,
  • Hiring a co-founder with the required set of skills with identical vision and domain knowledge.
  • Devising a prototype and releasing it to the market to draw valuable feedbacks to shape up the ultimate product more efficiently.
  • Registering the venture and raising funds from sources to finance the startup.

 And, there are other sections which help out with customer acquisitions at different stages, methodologies for sustainable growth and tutorials from experienced mentors.

Business Plan & Start Startup already entails 500,000+ downloads and 50,000+ users established their personal business using this application. This particular application takes the user gradually across the entire intricate process of realizing the business idea into an application. And this platform offers the following features to the aspirants as listed here:

  • Design business plan either in private or in coordination with friends and business partners.
  • Step-by-step strategies to convert the plan into a working business.
  • Download the plan and share through email for free.
  • Tutorials such as YouTube videos and Podcasts to aid starters.
  • Software tools available to design a business plan and stay on track with the development process.
  • Get real-time insights and help from the entrepreneur communities.
  • To-do-list to remain organized and highly motivated.

Crazy about Startups has 4.2 ratings in the Google Play store. Android app developer involved with this application has really worked hard with his/her grey cells to come up with such a unique platform, forming one of the apps for business startups. There is a community of crazy entrepreneurs whose purpose is to launch or help others with the launching of their individual startups. And the users can get ample opportunities to remain updated, inspired and highly motivated by the real-life case studies on entrepreneurial news fed from time to time. In addition, a know-how section aims at helping the new businesspersons through their startup journey. There is present also a section with helpful tips on proper business planning, startup funding, entrepreneurship basics, and tactics to manage a startup. The improved version comes up with more improved factors that can contribute to the beginners in achieving their end goal.

  • Bugs are fixed.
  • Improved layouts and UX/UI.

There are certain mobile applications that may not directly help a user to set up his new venture but cater to other related functionalities. And they can be listed here:

  1. Accompany.
  2. Pocket.
  3. Motivation Daily and Positivity.
  4. Slack.
  5. Buffer.
  6. Trello.
  7. MobileDay.
  8. Workflow.

Wrapping Up

People aspire to achieve big and have some incredible ideas in their kitty. But the question is how many of them can actually witness a transition of their ideation into a reality? Very few I believe. This is where the best mobile application developers come to lend their knowledge and skills in designing application that can serve the purpose of a professional guide. Such applications are prototyped to offering systematic methods by which an entrepreneur can gradually convert their idea into a reality, catering to every single nitty gritty any new venture requires. Right from contacting investors to acquiring marketing strategies and post, a launch of the business, the startup apps take care of all the necessary and unnecessary workload likely to pile up on the owner.

Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile application development companies, is a role model for all startups having successfully covered a year’s journey and reaching the pinnacle of its success within a short span of time. If you are looking to design your new venture’s application and or wish to guide yourself through the journey from apps similar to the ones mentioned above, you could always avail the service of a developer like Fluper. Being a startup venture itself, the company is in the better position to advise you through the entire intricate process of launching, managing and growing a new venture.

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