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As promised by the California based company Apple in August this year, the company has finally announced to open its bug bounty program to the public, thus offering high rewards to researchers for reporting bugs in the macOS, iOS,  watchOS, iPadOS, iCloud and tvOS to the company.

The bug bounty program was launched by the company 3 years back and since its launch, the program was open only for only selected security researchers based on request and was only rewarded for reporting vulnerabilities in the Apple mobile device OS.

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In addition to this, the bug bounty program offers rewards to all security researchers, offering them rewards of $1 million or more for discoveries of main errors or bugs in its operating systems. The bug bounty program, opened by the California based company now includes operating systems bugs ahead of iOS. For this program, the company first announced at the Black Hat conference this year that it was opening the program to the researchers.

Apple Opens Its Revamped Bug Bounty Program

For this program, the researchers have to put forward a thorough account of the issue, and sufficient detail to permit Apple to reproduce it. To make the statement much more clear, the company has published a fresh page on its website today that gives complete details about the bug bounty program’s rules, along with a breakdown of the rewards researchers stand to make per the exploits they suggest.


The top rewards will go to researchers who find out bugs that have an effect on multiple Apple platforms, particularly if the matter affects the most up-to-date Apple devices and software. If researchers discover any bug in the beta version then they will earn a 50 percent bonus as well to the standard reward. Along with the potential profits the researcher can earn between $25,000 and $100,000.

The well-paid bugs for these researchers will be those that create attacks that take over a device without interfering on the part of the user. The requirements are strict to bring together a bounty in these situations and need a full exploit series to be submitted with the statement.

At this time Apple’s bug bounty program is worthwhile among tech giants, and now joins hands with competitors whose bug bounties previously were open to the researchers.

And the instance of the bug bounty extension may be partially in reply to countless problems with the very buggy iOS 13, which has included some update and security bugs.  According to Bloomberg, the California based company Apple has altered the means it tests software and also said researchers to submit official reports about the bugs to qualify for the lucrative rewards.

The main reason why bugs are rewarded exceedingly is that these reports allow Apple to fix key operating system flaws before they reach to the final production versions of its software, where they will ultimately influence billions of Apple devices.


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Anshul Sharma is the visionary CEO of Fluper, the leading mobile app development company known for its innovative solutions and cutting-edge mobile applications. With a relentless drive for excellence and a deep understanding of the tech industry, Anshul leads Fluper with a focus on delivering value-driven products that transform businesses. Under his leadership, Fluper has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation in the digital space.

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