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Teslasuit, which is known for its complete-body haptic response suit, is setting up a glove that can allow users to sense virtual textures, as well as gather biometric data. The gadget is known as merely the “Teslasuit Glove,” and it is going to unveil at CES in January, with the objective of transport by the latter half of 2020.

Similar to Teslasuit, the Teslasuit Glove is destined for medical rehabilitation, training, and additional specialized applications. It unites a lot of technologies to concurrently generate the intuition of touching & holding objects, imprison the movement of users’ hands, and trace pulse & additional biometric information. The gloves can even be matched with the suit above Wi-Fi to provide almost full-body movement capture or haptic response for virtual reality.


Teslasuit is one of numerous haptics & motion control organizations that released during the middle of-’10s VR boom, requested primarily to users, then transferred to business users. It released the suit on Kickstarter in 2016. However, it canceled that campaign & formally declared its first manufactured goods in 2018. It’s since established potential apps in astronaut training, crisis evacuation drill practice, and additional simulation scenarios. The builders aren’t ruling out gaming & entertainment feasibilities, but at approximately $5,000, this isn’t a house headset ornament.

Teslasuit’s New VR Gloves

The Teslasuit Glove is going to contend with present products from organizations like HaptX and Manus VR. While it does not tout the hyper-fine response you can acquire from a tool like HaptX’s glove, Teslasuit is differentiating itself with a width of features. The gloves comprise fundamental haptic & force response abilities: an array of nine electrodes on every finger creates the sensation of stirring a nonexistent surface, while a synthetic exoskeleton generates confrontation and vibration to replicate communicating with hard objects.

On top of that, the gloves imprison the action of a user’s wrist & fingers. And they comprise a pulse oximeter, which collects data like the user’s heart rate. It even assists obliquely measure stress & new physical responses to experiences. This complete extend of features is comparable to that of the Teslasuit. It collects biometric & motion information and simulates physical emotion with electrical inspiration. Dejectedly, while Teslasuit informs CES attendees can quickly watch out the suit, they cannot attempt the gloves yet — they are yet going through testing.



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