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The advancement in Logistics Industry plays a major role in the way transportation is done around the world. In the last few years, the industry has grown multi-folds. If we go by the statistics, transportation and logistics industry growth led to a contribution of 8.9 percent in the USA’s GDP in 2017-18.

‘Logistics’ which is often described as the task of managing the flow of things from the source of origin or production to the point of delivery finds its usage in many ways in the present world. It includes Packaging, transportation of goods, warehouse management, etc.

In fact, the E-commerce industry is largely dependent on logistics Company. With the advancement of technology, exponential demand for online goods and presence of logistics companies, the companies rather rely on third party logistics. This is where if you are an already existing logistics business and looking to upscale it, then without a mobile app it is nearly impossible. This is where a Top Rated Mobile App Development Company can help you meet your desired needs with its Top-notch and reliable service.

But before we move further and discuss the features and benefits of having such an app, let us have a look at the types of apps that are in high demand in the present time.

Types of Logistics Apps to Build in 2019

Logistics Mobile App Development

iconFleet Management

Transportation companies often have a larger number of trucks. The companies have to meet their goals of on-time delivery. With a fleet management app, it would be easier to manage the app by assigning it to the driver or installing it in the trucks.


On-Demand App

On-Demand Logistics App Development is in higher demands with growing user’s expectation. This is where most of the e-commerce companies prefer to tie up with a logistics partner that can provide on demanding fast deliveries to its customers.


Tracking App

A tracking app allows a user to know the location of the driver. Moreover, a customer can get real-time updates about his order. Transportation companies meanwhile can track the location of driver and redress complaint of customers.


Warehouse Management

Warehouse management is an important part of the logistics business. This is where a transportation and logistics mobile app can help businesses store and access warehouse data at ease. Moreover, it improves the production, deployment and inventory management.

Features to Have in Your Logistics Mobile Application

Well, there are a lot of features which could be incorporated in your logistics and transportation mobile app.  Below we have mentioned all such features based on the needs of transportation companies in the present scenario.


User Panel

The user panel contains the features used by the customer of Transportation Company or Ecommerce Company (in case of the third party). Have a look at the features below.


Every user on the application needs to follow a simple registration process. A user needs to sign up to a new account or use an already existing account to sign in.

Select a Vehicle

Once registration is being done, the user needs to select the type of vehicle required according to their needs so that the goods could be delivered depending on its payload.

Book a Vehicle

The booking facility will enable a user to book a vehicle based on its required date and time.

Track Consignment

Once the delivery goods are dispatched from the warehouse or pickup, it reaches the destination. Moreover, the package could be tracked easily on the transportation app.


A dedicated logistic mobile app would consist of real-time notifications which would be sent to the customer. On every stage of production to delivery, an email or message should be sent to the user.

Payment Gateway

Customers using the app could easily pay using various methods like Debit Card, Credit Card and other payment apps depending on the area of the launch of the app.

Sharing Feedback

Customers can easily share their feedback on the app which would enable other users as to what are the services of a transportation partner. Accordingly, ratings could be given to them.


Driver Panel

The driver panel contains all such features which will enable a company to provide some additional information to the customers and e-commerce company (if required).


Just like a customer, a driver needs to register to the email credentials. You can disable logging in via social media accounts for the driver.

Shipment Details

As the driver is supposed to deliver the goods, he must be able to access all the details of user which includes his address, contact number, and name.

Request Management

Lay emphasis on creating a request management tab while working on your logistics app design. It will allow the driver to deliver the order based on urgency.

GPS Feature:

A GPS feature will enable a driver to find out the nearest and less crowded route. This, in turn, will help the driver to deliver products in a timely manner.


Admin Panel

Now, there are a lot of features and services provided on both driver and users app which needs to be monitored by admin. This is why mobile app development companies lay emphasis on giving admin panel with great monitoring capabilities.


Well, the dashboard of an admin panel consists of all the necessary information related to customer and driver. An admin can easily see the track of any package at any point in time.

Driver Monitoring

The admin panel allows an admin to monitor all the activities of a driver thus resulting in better delivery of pending orders.

Vehicle Management

Every company needs to monitor the performance and activities of its vehicle. Thus vehicle management allows one to monitor key indicators of the performance of a vehicle.

Payment Enquiries

An admin can have access to important features like order approval, sending invoice, etc thus resolving all the necessary information sought by users.

Notify Users

An admin can easily send any message to either user or customer or even driver. It can be due to order approval, order dispatched, or order delivered.

Additional Feature to be Included in Your Mobile App

There are a lot of other features which you can ask your mobile app developer to include in your transportation and logistics application.

ogistics Mobile App Development in UK



The chat feature will allow customers and drivers to stay connected. However, drivers are generally not directly liable to replying to customers in some cases. This is where; the admin team can interact with the driver or send a message to the driver.



With analytic tools available, transportation companies are now able to look into an insight which was earlier not possible. It will give real-time information like order completion, proof of delivery required, Fuel consumed, etc.


Multiple Advantages of QR Code

As delivery can happen in any parts of a country, this opens up a question as to whether to have multi-language support or not. In countries have multiple languages; it is preferred to have multiple languages supporting the application.


Multiple Advantages of QR Code

Once the order is delivered to a user, a QR code or some other feature like OTP could be included in the application. This, in turn, will secure customers deliveries. Moreover, you can use QR code for payment purpose as well.


Estimated Time

As the mobile app is linked with GPS feature, it means that the estimated time of delivery could be shown to the admin as well as the customer. Based on a company’s policy, it depends whether the estimated time needs to be shared with a user or not.

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Benefits of Logistics Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development brings a lot of benefits which makes the overall process of transportation and logistics an efficient one. Have a look at some of the benefits Logistics mobile app development provides.

logistics mobile app


Track Vehicle

As a transportation company, it is your responsibility to track vehicles so that you can monitor goods delivery status. Moreover, GPS facility allows a company to monitor the vehicle running status as well as its location.


Easy Management of Fleet

Developing a transportation app allows companies to effectively manage their business. This, in turn, allows companies to improve their productivity. A company can track the location of vehicles and packages with ease.


Online Booking

A mobile app brings many advantages one of which is a faster booking of orders. The only thing a user needs to choose is to download the app of their choice and then go with a reliable transportation provider.


Minimum Paperwork

Consider the scenario with an offline business where there is a lot of paperwork involved which creates delay and troubles. Thankfully, a Logistic Mobile App does not require any paperwork to be done.


Inventory Management

Without an ERP or CRM, you cannot efficiently manage your companies work. The status of the stock, the stock issues can only be redressed once you have a solution. In present times, Mobile App Development in UK is considered the best choice among transportation companies in UK as it enhances ease of resolution of inventory related problems.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Logistics App Development opens up opportunities for transportation companies to grow even more. This makes the logistics process an easy and efficient one where orders are delivered on time, and the tracking of fleets and drivers has improved manifolds. This is why more and more transportation companies look to have a portable and efficient solution in the form of a mobile app.

In case you have a Logistics Mobile App requirement, consider contacting Fluper and book a 30-minute free consultation with our experts.




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