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The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg opined that he is pretty confident about Facebook ‘will be able to manage through’ the latest privacy updates of Apple’s iOS 14. This updated privacy will help iPad and iPhone users to identify social media platforms that monitoring users’ activities on web media for target ads. 

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The upcoming privacy changes of Apple’s OS will make users understand the device ID monitoring and ask them if they want to permit the media to track their IDs or not. This tracking is dependent upon a distinguished device identifier on all iPad and iPhone, that call the IDFA. Organizations that promote mobile advertisements apply this ID to get target ads and remark their effectiveness. However, Apple has admitted that this privacy change will not roll out immediately, it will launch early this spring. 

In this context, Zuckerberg positively accepted this change and opined it could turn a profit for them if trades decide to sell products directly via Instagram and Facebook. He thinks this change might go well for them and upraise them in a more powerful position if Apple’s decision inspires more trades to develop more sell on their platforms. Even if Apple is making it harder for the platforms to use users’ data for target ads then it might indirectly be forced to sell its products via Facebook.

These comments from Mark Zuckerberg are the most valuable and optimistic statements that Facebook has opined about how Apple’s new privacy changes will affect the organization’s advertising business.


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