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CEO of Apple, Tim Cook impulsed lawmakers to proceed with immigration reform that will pave a way for immigrants to get citizenship named as ‘Dreamers’. Cook represented this statement as an agent of the Business Roundtable; an influential batch of famous professional corporate leaders. Cook holds the position of the committee chairperson and represents the group’s immigration. 

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This statement on behalf of Dreamers consistent with Cook’s defense and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos follows the bill. Cook also added that Dreamers are always been frontline as medical staff and healthcare workers to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. They also have a great contribution to strengthen American industries and help to bounce back again in this crisis moment. 

Dreamers are non-registered immigrants of the U.S who went there when they were children. It is almost 2.5 million people who will get the help of citizenship from this Dreamer bill. In House, Democrats are hoping to proceed with the bill this week. 

In particular, Cook has defined Dreamers on Thursday. He also said that 450 Dreamers have already been employed in a tweet. A friend of the court-brief had co-authorized by Cook in 2019 and filed about multiple Dreamer Apple employees in detail with the Supreme Court. Cook has shared his thought regarding this issue that people should feel to their core. They have launched this Dreamer bill not because to pertain only Apple does care for them, but they care as colleagues, leaders, and as a common human being.


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