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With AR now, you can imagine the feel of walking into a business conference, or trade exhibition or watching a demo seminar of a product launch. AR technology has completely changed the way the business world deal with. With the global crisis, several businesses are using AR technology and other technologies to boost their customer experience. These techniques are in great demand as business stability takes priority.

As we know, that Augmented Reality is measured as a merge of physical essentials and the digital world to craft an artificial part. This technology is used to create a diverse environment that changes feelings and thinking, and it makes people feel the situation they see.

As per reports, it is estimated that by 2022, Augmented Reality services demand will reach a mark of $200 billion. With the increase in developments, here in this blog post, we have complied Five Augmented Reality trends that you will watch in 2020.

Augmented Reality association with AI 

In the upcoming years, you will see the power of AR in handling serious problems health-related problems and improve outcomes with the assistance of machine learning. In a short time, Artificial intelligence also has become one of the fastest-growing sectors in tech. There are various social media applications that all of us are using these days are a mix together of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. If you are using the Snapchat app, then you must be aware that various filters are using this technology. It is assumed that ML algorithms will turn out to be more superior and capable in the future.

Augmented Reality in Teaching

In the upcoming years, Augmented Reality will change the education system in a good manner. It will change the big trend in the education sector and improve the prospect of learning. It will help out the student to rehearsal any science experimentation in similar method things happen in the actual world. Using this technology, you can share all most all the data with students in real-time. It gives a sense of visualization and utilizes augmented reality in the finest means.

Augmented Reality expanding to Automobile Industry

With the growing demand for AR, autonomous vehicles are slowly reaching a new level. Automobile organizations are gradually making use of the latest technologies to make autonomous vehicles. In the upcoming years, we will see that artificial intelligence and augmented reality will efficiently change the automobile industry. Several automobile manufacturers are showing interest in adopting these AI-based technologies and transform the way people use vehicles.

Augmented Reality in healthcare

Without any doubt, the potential uses of Augmented Reality are increasing day by day. Using AR and VR in healthcare gives fruitful results, and over 2020 we can look forward to seeing a lot of these use cases change from trials to general use. From the past few years, the Virtual reality has by now been adopted in treatment, where it is used to take care of patients with anxiety disorders and phobias. These technologies, when used along with biosensors monitor heart rate and perspiration, and other physiological reactions in a better manner.

Entertainment industry

In addition to all this, AR technology is not only limited to sports but also used in the entertainment world. This technology is hope to add some more audience to the entertainment industry. It is estimated that VR and AR technologies drive the entertainment industry to ever-dazzling bigger heights.

All the live concerts ad events will be streamed using VR technology that boosts the user experience. In addition to this, Augmented reality app development developers are using these technologies to keep the audience satisfied and to attract them to download a new mobile app game integrated with VR experience.

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Overall, it is predicted that the AR/VR industry is going to reach more than $25Billion by 2025—and the expansion will carry on progressively. It is clear from this prediction that using augmented reality will help the business to grow and investments from various business domains and spheres, will transform the market needs and demands. Gradually all the business sectors are using AR and VR technology to add modifications and innovations that will boost the customer experience. Using mobile apps for your business integrated with AR gives power to your dreams. Moreover, you can connect with an augmented reality development company and discuss your business mobile app plans. Fluper is a top-rated mobile app development company having in-depth knowledge of the latest app development trends. For more information, please feel free to contact us anytime.Disclaimer

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