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Apple recently rolled out its TV Remote App from the Apple Store. The use of Apple TV Remote App replaced the need for a real remote and enabled the users to control their Apple TVs using their iPads or iPhones. However, the integration of the inbuilt remote feature into the Control Center on iPhone Operating System from iOS 12 onwards will disallow the users from facing any sort of trouble arising as a result of the sudden removal of the TV Remote app from the Apple Store.

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This App was rarely updated by Apple. However, the company did rate a new icon for its Remote App in the year 2019.

It was 9to5Mac that initially reported the discontinuation of the Apple TV Remote App from the App Store. 9to5Mac reported that the removal of the TV Remote App from the App Store was spotted on Tuesday (21st October 2020). Even most of the references to the Remote App are also removed from Apple’s official website. The support pages displayed on the website direct Apple users to enable the remote features in Control Center.

Users who have the Apple TV Remote App already installed in their iPhones or iPads can still use the app for now but will no longer be able to update it in the future. As the TV remote app is currently removed, therefore, new users will not be able to find it on the App Store.

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The Control Centre is now automatically enabled with the Apple TV Remote feature along with the updated versions of iOS. The addition of this new feature into the Control Center on iOS will now eliminate the need to install an app for controlling the Apple TV. In other words, the new Remote feature can easily mimic the Siri Remote and will eliminate the need to download a dedicated TV Remote App. This integrated remote feature has additional features as compared to the recently rolled out Apple TV Remote App.


The Apple TV Remote App previously used for the purpose of controlling the Apple TV is removed from the Apple Store. New users can no longer download and install the TV Remote App from the App Store but old users can still have access to it. However, the previously installed Apple TV Remote app can no longer be updated.DisclaimerPlanning to get an app Contact Fluper

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