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Whether you believe it or not but Android has become a leading operating system and it is the right time for some time-saving tricks to stay tuned with the technology. People seem to be in love with the platform. And there is no reason to ignore it as after all, Android offers so much to do activities and create. It is to be noted that Google’s Android Applications are considered to be one of the most thrilling and pioneering mobile platforms.

As a mobile app developer if you want to be a successful name in the mobile app market, then learning the tips and tricks of building for the Android operating system is required. One of the major reasons of this aspect is that because Android has surpassed the other OS platforms due to its high acceptance rate and in terms of popularity among businesses and individuals. It is right that Android was the top-selling operating system, and if market predictions of the mobile market are believed to be correct, then several users of the platform will certainly boost up with the passage of years.

Now the main question here arises is that how can you thrive as an independent app developer when there are already millions of apps available in the Google and Apple stores. Here in this piece of write up, you will get a complete list of the best tips from some of the most successful app developers to help you find success in today’s ever-changing mobile app space. To gain more expertise and experience working on the Android OS platform, we gathered the top 10 tips and tricks for beginners. Read more!

Testing and Analysis of Every Android App Thoroughly

It is the first thing that catches the eye of a user. Testing Android mobile apps thoroughly before they are submitted for authorization from the Android Market is important. Since the Android platform is an open-source platform that is available to everyone, most of the apps are accepted to the Google Play Store, but maintaining a stable speed of accomplishment of the software becomes difficult for most of the Android developers as the devices are extremely patchy. To maintain the quality of the application it is important to take all the versions of the Android OS in consideration by the developer while testing; both in low and high resolutions is also compulsory for the best presentation of the software.

Testing and Analysis of Every Android Apps
Testing and Analysis of Every Android App

Listen to Your Audience

This is one of the best ways to earn users trust and loyalty of the users, a single step makes your user base ratio to grow drastically. It is crucial to pay importance to their opinions and ideas about your app, you have the chance to make some good adjustments and offer them a superior product. Remember: users always value being heard. Listening to your users need is one of the steps towards a successful mobile application. If your target users don’t find your app helpful to them, they will most possibly not pay attention to your mobile app development services for your inventions or not download the app even if you are offering it as free. As top Android app development, what you need is to know your target audience needs as this will help you in designing a more powerful app that will encourage other users as well.

Believe in Your Idea

Certainly, if you are an independent developer, then it is your primary footstep towards success. Your application idea needs to be completely revolutionary or the simplest one with added benefits. After you do complete research about your idea, define the great things your app has to offer and how it is different from others; don’t be uncertain on your road to accomplishment.

Cost Strategy

Costing plays a crucial role in all digital and physical products/ services. The pricing needs to calculate carefully while considering in mind the quality and services of the app and how much entertaining or useful your app is for users price. While some users may not mind for paying high costs for useful apps, but a major stream of people would likely consider whether your app is worth the price you are offering.

Designing a costing strategy is essential in this highly competitive marketplace, with millions of app in the market. So before submitting a price for your product, doing thorough market research is crucial. It is significant to know the prices of your competitors to get a basic idea about the worth of your product. Then evaluate your product with other products. By simple comparison, you will easily distinguish know-how “competitive” your product is from your competitors. Many successful mobile app developers offer a free app to a few users who can give them relevant reviews.

Understand the Android Market

You should also know how Android users normally behave. It is true that Android has considerably more users than any other Operating System in the world. However they don’t pay as much as iOS users, they are more likely to download apps that follow a freemium model and top revenues come mostly from games.

Learn SQL

To make your app development process much more unique and innovative having a sound knowledge of SQL is a must. This helps a developer in building robust and bug-free apps for the Android platform. The storage system of the Android operating system is SQLite based and hence it is essential from the user perception of an app developer to be well familiar with SQL programming and database. Once the developer has a sound knowledge of SQL, it is easy to create stable mobile applications that will secure the app data. With systematic acquaintance of SQL, a developer will be aware that the Android UI and its database results will connect in a straight line, thereby withdrawing the possibility of losing app data if the device shuts down without warning.

Beginners should Learn and Use Android Guidelines

Every major Operating system platform has a unique set of rules and regulations for the developers to follow to boost up the creation of high-quality apps. Through innovation the main concern; but we cannot expect it from the first time Android developer. Therefore, beginners should have a clear idea about how to make a high-quality Android app to start and also how to resume it effectively. It is important to stay updated with the workability issues of the Android platform or otherwise there is a possibility that the app created will be a disappointment in the marketplace.

Be Particular about the Use of Tools for Mobile App Development

Many developers make use of various expensive software and tools that are not required for building your Android app. The use of some tools like ADT Plugin, Eclipse, Android SDK or an Android log viewer is also compulsory. Even though some of these tools are easily available for free and hence the developer does not have to panic about resources available. When designing mobile apps for Android OS use of USB Debugging’ setting is also a good move for creating high-quality mobile applications.

Don’t Give up so Easily

Don’t panic if something is not in your favor. None one can become a successful application developer overnight. Patience and dedication and the ability to learn from your mistakes help you to receive true feedback or even try fresh things to resolve the same problem. You can always learn from your mistakes and improve from the apps that have failed.

Find your Enthusiasm

It’s worthwhile to remember that it is somehow easier to work on an app or product if you truly believe in it. Once you have recognized a difficulty and a feasible solution, start motivating yourself you can make it. If you find your passion in your work then you’ll be more likely to build something extraordinary.

Consider Technical Skills

Not everyone is a master in technical skills and it is the key tip that as an Android mobile development company keeps in mind. As in building any kind of Android app, one of the main considerations in the user interface. A good quality product’s user interface can “make or break” the product’s accomplishment. Remember that your target users may not have a similar plane of technical proficiency as you do, so developing an application that is very accessible and user-friendly is the first choice of the utmost users.

Define the Use of Your App

The mobile app created is going to be used within a particular niche or environment. For example, if you are targeting kids, then your app will likely be used during the complete day in any space. If this is the nature of your app, chances are high that users will like the easy to use interface like features to keep the process easy and handy.

Security of the Application

In today’s world, cyber attacks are at peak and thus, it is very significant to be protecting your data from your end. The same set of rules and guidelines apply to the world of mobility and security.  The security of the app has a great role to play when we discuss mobile apps for various platforms. In terms of Android, safety and security become even more important. Thus, it is the matter of discussion and app developers should look into this matter even more seriously to make sure that your product meets the highest standards.


To conclude this session, a high-level evaluation and preparation are all the things that are required before starting to develop Android mobile apps that would protect your overall data and promote sales like never before. Achieving accomplishment as a new Android App Developer is not an easy chore, but is not hard to achieve either. The above mentioned are just a few things you should consider while developing a productive app. To make a certain higher success rate, you may also discuss with a successful Android app development company about your project. Fluper is the leading app development company that helps you design and develop a more promising marketable app that will generate more ROI.  Yet is a comprehensive list of tips that will help developers to set up a strong understanding and grip of the working patterns of the Android marketplace. Following the above-listed tips and tricks make the Android app approval process much smoother and quicker.

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Being the Co-Founder of Fluper, one of the Leading App Development Companies, Mr. Anshul Sharma has a wide-ranging experience in Business Growth. He has paved his own path as an extremely intensive product strategist and user experience proficient entrepreneur. His keen interest in the tech updates urges him to write about the latest tech news and make other businesses or enterprises aware of the changing market scenario.

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